Sunday, August 10, 2008

Roosevelt Lake...

For one last hurrah before school started, we decided to go to Roosevelt Lake on Friday for some fun with my sister Kimbie and her family. We hadn't been there before, except passing through, so it was really fun to see how huge it is! There were only a few boats, and the water was like glass, so beautiful! There were 16 of us on the boat--but 12 of them were kids so there was plenty of room, and we had SO much fun! We decided we had to go back on Saturday as well. It was windier, and the lake was rougher, but still a great day for tubing, and we all had fun! Thanks Alexanders for the fun two days at the lake!
The front of the tube went under and all the little kids fell into the water, it was pretty funny to watch, but not so funny to them! The dads had to jump in and go put them all back on. It was Liberty's second birthday on Saturday--Happy Birthday Libby!Watch out! Scary Driver!
Even I got up on skis this time! Now I'm sore today!--(yes I'm getting OLD!)I joked to my sister that we were multiplying and replenishing all by ourselves! Can you believe all these kids came from just us two! (and two of hers stayed home with Grandma!)Go Storm--by next time you'll be a pro!~Think Josh needs a haircut??Go DEVILS! Josh was a little daredevil!My sister got up too! You go girl!Kimbie & ChristianI came home from getting dinner on Friday night to see the boat parked like this! Can you say white trash?? To my neighbors--sorry, I swear my husband wasn't drunk--just trying to get on my nerves! We have some nice tire tracks in the lawn now!

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