Monday, May 31, 2010

Reason #146

That I will NOT miss having a two year old
at my house when they are all grown up...
When I go to use the toilet, and find
random stuff floating around in it:

Preschool Graduate!

Ashlie was our little preschool graduate this year!  Isn't she ADORABLE!  I just love the little graduation gowns and caps!  Ashlie is my little overachiever!  She had a great teacher this year--who I love, Dawn Spier, who taught her SO much!  She is an amazing reader, and just can't get enough of learning in general!  She loves to help Josh with his homework (whether he wants her help or not)--and loves to read Jack books!  I was secretly hoping that Prop. 100 wouldn't pass this year so that I would only have Ashlie in Kindergarten half day!  (Oh, and so I would have a little money left in my pocket that did NOT go to the government...blasted politicians...but that is for another post).  I will miss her helpful nature, and her smiling face around this house next year--although I have no doubt she will be a total teacher's pet next year & her teacher will absolutely LOVE her!  Ashlie, you are AMAZING--and we love you princess!

SMART Girls!

On the last day of school was a ceremony to honor the Golden Scholars at Highland Jr. High.  We were lucky to have both Emie and Erin (and Kami--their cousin) get this award!  It rewards students who keep their GPA above 3.85 for the whole year of school.  I was so proud of my girls for working so hard to keep their grades up!  Sometimes junior high is where girls decide to pretend not to be smart & act dumb so they can be popular.  I want my girls to know that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to, but part of that is trying their best at EVERYTHING they do!  That includes school!  I'm so proud of you girls for setting your goals high & working hard to get good grades!  We love you girls!


Look at my HOTTIE Emie who just got her braces off after what seems like forever!  WOO WOO girl--watch out! Your dad has lots of shot guns in our house--just make sure you tell all those boys who will be chasin' you to watch their step!  I can't believe my BABY is going to high school next year...AAAAHHH!  Will someone stop the clock please?  I'm getting OLD!  Love you Em!

Jack LOVES popsicles!

Jack's favorite part of his brother's baseball games was the popsicles at the concession stand!  They were only 25cents & they were almost as big as he is!  They sure made a mess--but how can you resist this sweet face!  Love this boy!


This year, Josh was the only one who played Little League baseball.  I can't tell you what a great season it was!  The last three seasons we have had 4 different teams, with the girls and Josh playing, and it was such a nightmare trying to get each of them on time to practices, games, etc.  I love watching them play, and I did miss the girls playing a little bit, but the older girls had just finished up their junior high season of softball, and Abby didn't really want to play, so we decided to just sign Josh up.  Not only that, but Todd was one of the assistant coaches--so he HAD to be at every practice & game...YAY~!  That let me off the hook, and I could be late and not so stressed out!  We sure loved watching this kid play ball!  He is so competitive, and SO intense!  The first game, he hit the ball 3 times down the 1st base line, and got out all three times.  He seemed okay at the field, but as soon as we got home, the tears started to fall.
Me:  What's wrong?
Josh:  I SUCK at baseball!
Me:  (Ignoring the fact that he just said "SUCK"--and he's 7...dang older siblings...)  Why do you say that?
Josh:  Because I do.  I can't hit the ball, and I got out every time!
Me:  That doesn't mean you STINK at baseball, it just means you need more practice.
Josh:  No, I don't STINK--I SUCK!
Me:  (Getting mad now...)  Stop talking like that you little's your first game, you just need more practice!
Josh:  NO!  I am never going back there.
Me:  (yelling now...)  FINE--we'll just call your coach and tell him you're a little quitter than, and a baby--WAAAAH!  Do you need a binky baby?
Josh:  SHUT UP!
Me:  Go to your room you little baby.
Josh:  FINE...(stomping all the way to his room).
Me:  (thinking)...I sure could have probably handled that better...hmmm...
Actually, after a little nap, and some reflection, Josh decided he didn't want to quit the team after all, and we worked with him on how to place his hits different places since he is left handed, and by the end of the season we had quite the little baseball player on our hands!  He sure had fun with Dad as a coach, and had some fun boys on his team as well!  Thanks Yankees for a great season!  Good job Josh--we love you buddy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Torture by Swimsuit...

A rerun from last year...but this year I still feel the same way!  Even with all the working out, trying on swimsuits for summer just sucks!  UGH!
Warning: This post is for women ONLY!
Seriously, does anything make a woman feel worse about herself than trying on swimsuits??? We went to a few stores last night, and I decided to try on a few swimsuits for spring break, because I got some new board shorts, and I need a swimsuit to match. After my visit to the dressing room, I decided that I need to starve myself for a year or more before I try on another swimming suit. Oh, and 5 miles running isn't gonna cut it--we need to be doing 10 or 15! That's like some sort of sick torture for a mother to go into a dressing room, with 3 or 4 swimming suits. I'm not kidding when I say that I laughed out loud when I tried one of them on! It was freakin' hilarious! It was one of those popular new tankinis that has the tie around the neck, and the front plunged down almost to my belly button (maybe because I have no boobs--you found that out in the last post). Anyway, it split the girls in two and looked so ridiculous that I burst out laughing, almost to tears. Then I tried on a one piece, thinking it would at least look better than the two piece. Uh, wrong. The one pieces now are almost as revealing as a string bikini. The one I tried had like no back at all, and plunged down to where it almost showed my crack. I guess this is for all of those women with the beautiful tramp stamps that they want to show off--but trust me, the less of my back fat I show off to the world--the better! And can I say thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for the person who invented board shorts for women! Seriously, those things are the only reason I will even step out into the sun in a bathing suit. If you saw my ghostly white legs with my big green varicose veins (another wonderful thing I have because I'm a mother!) you would understand that the more of my thighs you cover up--the better!

The thing is, if you have been to the beach lately--you will see women that look WAY worse then me in those swimming suits--but they buy them anyway, and wear them with confidence. Every time we go to the beach I feel like such a prude. I mean when you see a woman over 300 pounds in a string bikini--strutting her stuff for the world to see, I wonder why I can't even bring myself to even take off my tank top? Where does the confidence come from?  And don't even get me started on the fat guy in a speedo!  Even a teenager--with ripped abs can't usually pull off a Speedo!  YUCK!  (possible exception...Michael Phelps...)  !  So when I come home from the beach, and still have quite the farmer's tan--I guess you understand why.  That's where that crazy "modesty" idea comes in and quite literally saves me from being humiliated...or ending up on some "awkward beach photos" website somewhere--oh, I should totally start that--I could make a ton of money making fun of people on the beach!  HA!  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Todd and I joined a local Crossfit gym near our house for a bootcamp in January to try to get in better shape & slim down.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect--but figured we were in for a good butt kickin'.  I felt like we were in pretty good shape since we had just finished training, and running a half marathon back in November.  Well--we may have been wrong!  The first week of Crossfit was amazingly tough--even with us being in good shape we were SO sore.  It felt like someone had beat the crap out of me.  Every muscle in my body was sore--heck, my fat was even sore, but we decided we were going to stick it out--it could only get better, right?  Well, let me tell you, we have been at this for 5 months now, and today, my body feels like it did that first week of Crossfit.  The amazing thing is, every day the workout is only 20-45 minutes--but it is INTENSE!  I am doing things that I don't think I could've done when I was 16--and sometimes I'm not sure if someone my age SHOULD be doing things like this!  Check out these sample workouts from their website--
These are some of the workouts Todd and I have completed:
For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

400M RUN
400M RUN
400M RUN
400M RUN

10 K2E

Finally, check out this one--(this was the one I came the closest to barfing...)
In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.
For time:
1 mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 mile Run
Partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. Start and finish with a mile run. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Keep in mind that hard-core Crossfit people are doing workouts like these (which are the hardest we've done...there are many that are easier than these---but all of them are tough) EVERY DAY!  Monday through Saturday!  Todd and I are lucky if we can make it 4-5 timea a week with all of the kids activities--but we have really enjoyed the gym, and especially having a TOUGH workout.  I really enjoy having someone to push me--otherwise I would give up!  Neither of us have lost much weight--because we haven't been on a diet, but I have been able to maintain my weight just fine with doing only Crossfit--which has been great.  I have also noticed a lot more definition in my arms and my legs--especially my thighs and calves since we started the program.  My belly is harder--but I can't say that roll of fat is gone--I think I am destined to go to my grave with that danged muffin top that I earned about child #2...even though I've been doing crunches like crazy!  I feel like I am in crazy good shape though for being 36 years old.  I can even do pull-ups--by myself!  The other day I did 50 pull-ups (kipping style)... If you think you can't do pull-ups because you're a girl, watch this:

The workout I did was 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats--as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.  I did all the pullups without using the band or the box!  I was SO proud of myself!  Too bad my hands looked like this afterward:
Oh, well--NO PAIN--NO GAIN!  I am excited for this summer--my kids and my teens are signed up for the Crossfit Kids program (you can click on the service & fees at the top of the website to check times).  I am hoping they will kick their butt a little bit so they can be as  strong & tough as mom and dad are!  HA!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day...

I know I am WAY behind in the blogging of late--but hey--it is MAY!  May is seriously CRAZY TIME in this house!  We are SO ready for school to be over, and summer to come.  I seriously think the last two or three weeks of school are such a waste of time.  I know it has to be done, and they need to finish strong...but lately we are going to bed later, and getting up later, and well, we are just plain BURNED OUT! 

Mother's day was great--even though it fell on Sunday, AGAIN.  And, we had 8:00 church, AGAIN.  Oh--you mean it will always fall on a Sunday?  CRAP.  If they really wanted to give mothers everywhere a break, Mother's Day would fall on MONDAY!  Not on a day of rest.  We don't really want to rest--we want to rest while our family slaves away all day doing laundry, and dishes, cleaning, cooking, you know...the things moms actually do every day!  Oh, well.  Todd bought all of the girls a corsage--I love when he does that!  They all looked beautiful--and I love that the teenagers wore theirs without complaining.  The kids made me a fantastic breakfast when we got home--waffles & strawberries with whipped cream.  I got the perfect Sunday nap--with almost no interruptions.  We went to Chris & Cindy's for dinner--my favorite--steak & baked potatoes.  It was a great day!  Thanks guys, for making your mom feel special!  We tried to get a nice picture after church of me and the girls with our flowers...should be easy right?  Yeah..not so much...oh well...we tried!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Track & Field...

Emie decided to join the track team this year since some of her friends were doing it, and she thought she would give it a try.  Of course, that means this poor girl had to listen to her mother drone on and on throughout the season about how much I loved/hated track in high school.  Poor thing.  I try not to live vicariously through my children--but man, sometimes it is HARD!  I kept giving her advice, and bugging her about signing up for running events, (she preferred shotput, discus & long jump--since the daily workouts were super easy).  Toward the end of the season, with 3 meets left, someone didn't show up, and they needed someone to run a leg of the 4 X 400m relay, so they asked Emie to run it.  She ended up running it in 1:16--the second best time on the team!  The next meet, she ran the open 400m and ran it in 1:15--giving her 2nd place in the meet!  So last week was the Junior High Conference track meet for Gilbert schools.  Emie ended up competing in the shotput, discus, and the 4 X 400m relay.  Shotput wasn't her best that day, but she got a personal best, over 60 ft. in the discus, earning her 5th place, and then she ran her leg of the relay.  I was giving her advice all day--since the 400m was my race in HS--(you 1,000 years ago...), and I'm sure I was bugging her, but she ended up doing just as I told her.  I told her, your job is to catch the person in front of you, and not let anyone pass you--ever.  I videotaped her so she could see it, but my camera didn't have enough battery for the whole race--so you only get to see Emie's leg of the race.  Sorry for the yelling--but I've ran this race so many times--you need to have someone cheering you on around that last corner, or you think you're going to DIE!  Her team ended up finishing 2nd--but Emie sure gave this girl a run for her money!  Here's the video, and some pictures of the season.  SO proud of you Em for your hard work--and now that you have the confidence--next year you can go for it!  By the way--I will NEVER get tired of telling you the stories of my track days...I'm sure you can't hear them enough!  HA!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Women's Conference 2010!...

This year, it was me, my Mom, and my sister Kimbie at Women's Conference at BYU.  I was sad my other sisters couldn't make it--but I did have a few sister in laws that came, Katie and Kristy!  It was fun to spend some time with them as well at one of my favorite places!  Women's Conference is a two day conference for women only up at BYU Provo.  It is two days full of classes, and instruction on how to become better women, better mothers, and better wives.  It is amazing to me how there are so many classes to choose from, and yet I always feel like I ended up at just the ones I needed for my life at this moment!  This year was no exception.  I felt renewed, uplifted, and ready to go back and try this mothering/wife thing all over again with a new effort, and a fresh perspective.  It's amazing how a few days away from kids and family leaves you feeling like you can take on the world!  Then again, it's amazing how quickly that new life is sucked out of you a few minutes after you return to normal life!  HA!  They also have a concert every year with some LDS performers.  This year one of the performers was Michael McClean.  He is hilarious.  I had to pull out my camera and take some video during this song when all the women had their cell phones out & we were singing.  People that aren't Mormon would probably look at us and think we were CRAZY--how could something like this be fun?  The theme of the night for heaven sakes was LAUNDRY!  We even sang a song about it!  This is the great thing about the Mormon culture--we can have fun doing just about anything--as long as we are together! 
BYU was beautiful as ever, with the spring tulips--but someone forgot to tell heaven it was spring because there was SNOW this year!  It was super COLD and wet--but I actually didn't mind it much, knowing that 110 degrees are right around the corner for us here in AZ!

 Some of the things I came away with, that I'm trying to work on now that I'm home:
Sister Beck told us that we needed to prioritize our lives, and make sure that we are doing the Essential things first--those things that will qualify us for the Celestial Kingdom such as, scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, church callings, etc..  After that come the Necessary things, such as homemaking, cooking, caring and nurturing our families, and creating an environment in our homes where the spirit can dwell.  The last thing was "Nice to Do" things, such as reading, hobbies, crafts, blogging etc.  We need to make sure we are always doing the necessary and the essential things--THEN Heavenly Father will help us to make some time for the Nice to Do things.  I need to keep this in mind.  I think sometimes I spend a lot of my time on nice to do things--and not enough on the essentials!

Dallin H. Oaks talked about how we need to not be selfish.  This world that we live in, and our society is becoming increasingly selfish--and we need to make sure we are not a part of that.  "It's not about YOU", was one of the quotes he used.  I like that--as mothers it is really NOT about us.  We are here to help others, to serve our families, to serve our neighbors, to serve our fellow sisters, and to serve our Father in Heaven.  When we get wrapped up in "What's in it for ME?"  is when we start going down the wrong path.  It is Satan that would have us focused all of the time on our own wants, desires, and needs.  As women of God, we need to be better than that.  If you have a chance, look up his talk on the Women's Conference website--it's a great one!
On Saturday, we drove up to my sister Wendy's house in Brigham City.  We stopped at Costco along the way to get them a few needed items--check out mom stuck in the back of our rental car--we hardly had room to fit her in! 
We had a great time with Wendy's family--we went to a great little shopping place called Gardner Village in West Jordan.  It was a neat little place, with a great restaurant, with old fashioned food.  I had a turkey dinner with all the fixin's.  They even had a free piece of carrot cake with every meal!  The shops and boutiques were tons of fun to browse through--although I wish I would've had more room to take things home!  There were so many cute things.  It was a lot of fun! 

Then, that night we headed over to Toad's with the kids for laser tag, miniature golf & video games.  We had a great time!  I have never played laser tag before--it was pretty intense!  We definitely have to go do that as a family sometime for family night--it will give me a chance to take out my aggression on my teenagers!  (And I'm sure they need that opportunity to take some out on me as well!)  We were sad we didn't have more time to spend--but glad we got to see my sister and her beautiful family!  She seriously has the sweetest family--and the best kids!  Love you guys!

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