Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not so Heavenly...

This past weekend we have been HERE: Heavenly Ski Resort in Lake Tahoe! The view from the mountain was absolutely breathtaking! The weather was perfect, and man, did I look fabulous in my new ski outfit! The only problem? I am NOT a skier. I thought I could do it--I thought if I just took a few runs down the bunny hill, that my natural athleticism would kick in, and I would ski just fine. This was only my second time to ski in my life. Last time was two years ago, I was 7 months pregnant with Jack, and chubby and round, but I thought I would do okay--how hard could skiing be? Well, I did great on the bunny hill, and headed with Abby and Todd up the mountain. I did okay on my first run down a green run, then when we were getting off the lift a second time and Abby skied into me and I totally wiped out. I hit my head and blacked out, and the ski patrol brought me down the mountain. That was the end of skiing on that trip! I didn't want to risk the pregnancy doing something stupid!

This time I thought it would be different--I wasn't pregnant, in fact I am probably in better shape than I have ever been. We have been working out, I am a great weight, and I am stronger than ever. I was right about the bunny hill, I totally rocked it! I thought I was a natural! Todd decided that we could just skip the green runs, and go right up to the blue, since we are with Todd's sisters and their husbands, and they all know what they're doing. I thought--okay, I can do this. There are very few times in my life that I have been as SCARED--as in pee my pants scared, as I was when I saw the steep runs I had to go down. The first run, I just said, okay--here we go, and pushed off full speed down the mountain. I had my first major wipeout right next to a "scenic picture" area, where there were tons of skiers taking pictures. I gave them a real scenic picture alright! Let's just say, I kept trying, but I didn't get much better! Todd was amazing, and patient, and VERY sweet considering that I was almost in tears every time we would come to another run, and I complained pretty much the entire time, because I could NOT figure out how the heck people ski down no problem. I tried to pretend I knew what I was doing, but anytime I gained any speed, I would end up out of control and wipeout. Around lunchtime--I was mentally just DONE! The girls just sat for an hour and talked while the boys went on a few more runs, then I had to conquer one more run to get down to the gondola to go back to the hotel. My goal? Just get down that blasted mountain without falling again. I was going to snake it--slowly...'s pretty bad when your last run is even worse than your first! There were TONS of other skiers, since it was the last run, so I wiped out not once, not twice, but THREE times! I think Todd was trying to stay back and pretend he didn't know me by this time! Poor embarrassing! I love him so much--he didn't say one negative thing to me the whole time!

Needless to say, my favorite part of the day was that gondola ride back DOWN the mountain! The next best part was taking off those ski boots and walking on my own two feet, (which I am VERY good at) back to the hotel room. Then, a very nice dinner at the Chart House was the best! It might be awhile before I get the nerve up to put those skis back on again! I actually had nightmares last night about skiing! I'm not a very good sport when I am TERRIBLE at something! I think my 5 year old was better at skiing than I was today! What a humbling day! Today, Todd is out having a great time by himself, actually skiing at a normal pace, and I'm sure he's not missing me! I am sitting here blogging--and very much in my comfort zone! HA! Pictures come later...and NO--he didn't take a picture of me wiping out--that would be embarrassing!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What a Blessing...

Last week, Todd and I were out cleaning out the garage (a project that was WAY overdue!), and some guys came by to ask if they could trim our big palm trees out front. There have been several guys come to the door and ask if they could trim them for us--but we have been too cheap to get it done. Some of the people wanted up to $100 per tree. Anyway, we have been putting it off, and the guys offered to trim them for $35 per tree. I told Todd that I thought it was a great deal--and let's get it done! The first three trees went okay--I couldn't believe how fast the guy could climb up and down them--they are TALL trees! Anyway, on the 4th tree, the guy gets almost all the way to the top and moves his belt up to go higher, and a huge part of the trunk of the tree breaks away on him. Luckily it didn't break all the way through--but the other guy came and got us so we could see THIS:

Holy CRAP! It was barely hanging on! He just kept ripping away dead chunks of tree--it was rotted all the way through. I kept telling him to GET DOWN--I didn't want to pay his medical bills when the tree gave out & he fell (yes, of course I was concerned about his welfare as well, and not just the money) =) Anyway, he did make it down safely, and they were able to come back and take the tree down the next morning (for $200 more dollars!). I feel so blessed because this week there have been huge rainstorms, and wind gusts that would've surely sent that big huge palm tree crashing down through our house! I am so grateful that we were prompted to finally have those trees trimmed and we avoided that giant MESS--not to mention that no one was hurt! It is further proof to me that nothing happens by accident! What a blessing!

Funny Abby...

I forgot to blog about this little card that Abby made Todd for his birthday--but I wanted to put it in here so we can look at it later and have a good laugh. I especially LOVE that she put his new SNUGGIE on here! Nothing says "Mountain Man" like a snuggie! The pictures of Abby are self portraits I found on my camera this week--3 out of about 25! Love you ABBY!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Before & After...FINALLY!

**FYI--some great work on our remodel by some great companies--Here are the links:
AZ Granite Connection--AWESOME--my bro. in law's company, and they are the BEST! (Love you Kari...) Here is the phone #--but you guys need a WEBSITE! Show off your work!
Redline Custom Cabinets--they were a little slow finishing the work, but did a quality job, and the finished product turned out GREAT!
All About Painting Co.--these guys were AWESOME! They did the painting inside and out--and also restaining on some cabinetry that turned out great--I couldn't even find a spot that needed touching up! How do painters make such straight lines??? I can't do it!
Visionmakers International--did the cantera stone backsplash in the kitchen--I love it!
Dynasty Iron Doors--where we got the front door.

Our house has been pretty much finished since Christmas time, when we finally got the kitchen all done. There are still a few little things here and there that need to be done, or decorated--but I am SO happy with the almost finished product! I really love how it turned out! I thought I would post a few before & after pictures to give you a little peek at what we've been doing over here the last 6 months!
This was the outside of the house BEFORE:

The first thing we really wanted to change was the little door. It was a huge entryway, with a little 7 foot door. My kids called it the "hobbit door". So, the people came to put in our new 12 foot door & I think it turned out awesome:

We also painted the outside of the house a darker color so it didn't look so much like a church building. I think it turned out great:

Here is the entryway/formal living room BEFORE:

This is what it looks like now:

This was the formal dining room BEFORE:

This is now our music room:

This was the master bathroom BEFORE:

This is the master bathroom NOW:

One of my favorite things is the new laundry room, although I don't have a before pic--these BIG bins are awesome:

Also, we have a ginormous food storage room in the basement, check this out!:

This is Todd's office--BEFORE:

I really love the color he chose for it--without my help! And don't worry--I'm sure before long, there will be crazy animal heads all over this room!:

The most awesome part of this house, however has to be the new kitchen and family room! We completely gutted the kitchen and changed the whole layout, and I LOVE how it turned out. It's functional, we can have a large crowd at the house and everyone has somewhere to sit--I LOVE IT! This was the kitchen BEFORE:

This is how it turned out:

And the family room--they had the room turned with the fireplace in the back of the couch--we decided to put the TV above the fireplace and make an entertainment wall. It really opened up the room & made it a lot bigger! Here it is BEFORE:

Here is how it looks NOW:

We still need to finish my bedroom, the kids bedrooms, and the basement which need some new furniture & a little decorating--but I think the house has come a LONG way! I love it!
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