Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Before & After...FINALLY!

**FYI--some great work on our remodel by some great companies--Here are the links:
AZ Granite Connection--AWESOME--my bro. in law's company, and they are the BEST! (Love you Kari...) Here is the phone #--but you guys need a WEBSITE! Show off your work!
Redline Custom Cabinets--they were a little slow finishing the work, but did a quality job, and the finished product turned out GREAT!
All About Painting Co.--these guys were AWESOME! They did the painting inside and out--and also restaining on some cabinetry that turned out great--I couldn't even find a spot that needed touching up! How do painters make such straight lines??? I can't do it!
Visionmakers International--did the cantera stone backsplash in the kitchen--I love it!
Dynasty Iron Doors--where we got the front door.

Our house has been pretty much finished since Christmas time, when we finally got the kitchen all done. There are still a few little things here and there that need to be done, or decorated--but I am SO happy with the almost finished product! I really love how it turned out! I thought I would post a few before & after pictures to give you a little peek at what we've been doing over here the last 6 months!
This was the outside of the house BEFORE:

The first thing we really wanted to change was the little door. It was a huge entryway, with a little 7 foot door. My kids called it the "hobbit door". So, the people came to put in our new 12 foot door & I think it turned out awesome:

We also painted the outside of the house a darker color so it didn't look so much like a church building. I think it turned out great:

Here is the entryway/formal living room BEFORE:

This is what it looks like now:

This was the formal dining room BEFORE:

This is now our music room:

This was the master bathroom BEFORE:

This is the master bathroom NOW:

One of my favorite things is the new laundry room, although I don't have a before pic--these BIG bins are awesome:

Also, we have a ginormous food storage room in the basement, check this out!:

This is Todd's office--BEFORE:

I really love the color he chose for it--without my help! And don't worry--I'm sure before long, there will be crazy animal heads all over this room!:

The most awesome part of this house, however has to be the new kitchen and family room! We completely gutted the kitchen and changed the whole layout, and I LOVE how it turned out. It's functional, we can have a large crowd at the house and everyone has somewhere to sit--I LOVE IT! This was the kitchen BEFORE:

This is how it turned out:

And the family room--they had the room turned with the fireplace in the back of the couch--we decided to put the TV above the fireplace and make an entertainment wall. It really opened up the room & made it a lot bigger! Here it is BEFORE:

Here is how it looks NOW:

We still need to finish my bedroom, the kids bedrooms, and the basement which need some new furniture & a little decorating--but I think the house has come a LONG way! I love it!


Yvette said...

Wow your new house is gorgeous and huge! Looks like it perfect for you guys with a big family. I love all of your gorgeous pictures of Christ in almost every room

Heather said...

Beautiful! I love your house! Especially the kitchen!

Kari C. said...

Wow, I never saw the before!! Good job on the after!!! It was worth the headache!! Was your granite guy not good enough to get on your great subs list? jk and thanks for making me cry on your vt post!! needed it!! have a good one!

Joy N. said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm Kristy's sister-in-law OR Billy's sister. I love your new bar stools. Kristy left me a msg of where you got them but I couldn't understand what she said. Can you tell me?

Also, thanks for posting a bunch of recipes. I will for sure be trying some!

My email is besheybliss at aol dot com


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