Friday, October 31, 2008

All Dressed Up...

So Halloween was a lot of fun this year! We got together last minute--(sorry again neighbors), and ordered pizza with some neighbors. It was fun to see everyone's kids before they all went trick-or-treating. I don't even have pictures of my kids trick-or-treating because they all ran off with friends and had an awesome time. Jack fell asleep and stayed asleep until it was all over, and Ashlie went halfway around the block until we went to a house that had one of those bowls of candy with the hand that moves--FREAKED her out! It was just over after that, she had no desire to go to any more houses. So all in all, an uneventful but fun night! Todd and I got dressed up--see if you see the likeness! I especially loved going with my costume to all the houses in our neighborhood with the Obama signs. I got a few shrugs and disapproving stares--(probably because of the gun case) but no one said anything--DARN! Those of you who know me know that I was just waiting...but no luck! J/K! Emie got all dressed up--probably the last year, then she left before I got a new picture of her. So sad! They really do grow up too fast! Erin went with her cousin Kami, and she was Elphaba, and Kami was Glinda from Wicked. Hopefully she got some cute pics of them together for me to post later. Happy Halloween everyone!

Happy Halloween!

Check out this cartoon: Too Funny!

Thought for the day...

Check this out! Did you know if we elect Obama--we won't have to pay our bills or fill our gas tanks anymore! That's what this woman got from his speech! Wow--maybe I should vote for him....NOT!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm an ADDICT!

So the diet hasn't gone very well--I guess you could say I've fallen off the wagon. In fact, you could probably say that the wagon has broken into a million little pieces and it will take me a thousand years to glue it all back together to make up for all of the CRAP I've eaten this week alone! What can I say--it's Halloween after all! Candy isn't even the problem though--my problem is THESE:Yep, 4 little letters--OREO. I guess you could say that this obsession/compulsion evolved from a very young age. I have pictures of me around Jacks age, eating my first Oreos. As a child, I can't remember a time when they weren't around. In our family, eating Oreos for dessert was like breathing--you couldn't live without these things. It's in my blood! My Dad has lived on these things his entire life. He gets his stack of Oreos and a glass of milk at least once a day, usually more. The doctor has tried to tell him to stop eating them--he won't listen. He would rather die happy--eating Oreos! When he's dead, I will make sure we bury him with his Oreo package. Don't worry Dad, I'm sure there are going to be Oreos in heaven! (If there aren't, I'm not sure we'll stay!)
When I'm trying to diet, Oreos are all I can think about. Especially when the kids go to bed, and my mind starts to think: TREAT! I am seriously addicted to these little cookies! I love them--more than I love to be thin apparently! So this week I have already blown my diet--so while everyone else is eating Halloween candy-- bring on the OREOS! (I really need therapy--don't I???)

Salt River Halloween Carnival...

Last night was our ward Halloween Carnival at the park. It was a smashing success! There was chili, games, and a great Halloween parade. There were some great costumes--I especially love when the grown ups get dressed up--although I never have time to think of my own costume, I'm lucky if I get my kids into theirs on time! This was all I could come up with! You have to excuse the pic of my shirt --I just had to take it. I was at Walmart today and that was EXACTLY how I was feeling---WITCHY! I felt like the shirt should have underneath the writing, "(ask my husband!). Lovin it! Jack was so flippin cute--but it was hard for him to crawl around in that bulky little costume. Oh well, it's all about lookin good huh big boy!?! On Friday the kids will have make-up and everything, so I'll post them all made up--but they were all so cute we took pics anyway! What a fun night!

My shy little dragon! He looks like a turtle in this one:

Jack can sleep just about ANYWHERE!

Check this out: Don't you LOVE when your kids are able to win real fish at the carnival! (Thanks Natalie!) Welcome to the newest member of our family--SWIMMY! The bottom picture was snapped this afternoon--about an hour before he DIED! We will always remember you swimmy, and the short time you spent in our vase! We have a whole jar of goldfish food--did anyone's fish make it through the day???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today was my Mom's birthday and I just wanted to send a shout out to her--"Happy Birthday MOM!" I am so grateful to have such a wonderful mother! She has always been faithful to the Gospel, and such a good example to me of patience and long suffering, of faith and charity. My mom has always been such a hard worker, and willing to do whatever she had to do so that we could have the things we needed. I don't ever remember a time that I really wanted something, and my mom didn't somehow get it for me. Looking back, I don't know how she did all that she did for us. She was a full time mom with a full time job. She would stay up all night, and still go to work in the morning. She would work all day, and still get the laundry and cleaning done at night. I don't know how you did it all Mom, but you showed me that determination can get you anything worth having! I was so proud of my Mom a few years ago, when at age 59 she finally was able to graduate with her nursing degree--a lifelong dream of hers! I am in awe of that kind of determination, and perseverance. It wasn't easy for her, but once she made up her mind to do it, she wasn't going to let anything stand in the way of reaching her goals. Thanks Mom for all you have done, and all you continue to do for us in your family, and those in your community! You are an amazing woman--and I'm proud to call you my MOM!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Piano Recital...

The girls had a piano recital tonight--and they were awesome, although I suggested that they might want to practice just a little more before the recital next time! I love our piano teacher, Lorri McHardy, she is awesome to my girls, and keeps after them, even though I know they probably give her a hard time! Thanks Lorri for all of your hard work. I know that you girls all hate that I make you go to piano--but you are all improving and sounding SO awesome! Even against your will! Imagine what great things you could do if you actually wanted to play!!! Hmmm...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fun...

Tonight we had the neighbors come over for family night and carving pumpkins. I love to carve pumpkins, especially now that you can put a stencil on and make some really cool designs. All the credit goes to my neighbor Dave, and Allie, who made their own designs--I betcha can't tell which are theirs! (well you might be able to pick out Allie's!) Good job! Last year after Halloween, I also bought these cute little kits with light up pegs that you hammer into your pumpkin and the little kids were able to do their own. We had a lot of fun! Thanks neighbors for a fun night! We have the funnest neighbors in the world who put up with my kids craziness--as well as a little of my own! Check out what the kids (mostly) were able to do:

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