Monday, November 29, 2010

Black & Blue Christmas...(rerun)

(This post is from last year around this time...but I was reading my blog book a few days ago and came across it and thought it was funny to read again.  Sometimes as parents we aren't always on our best behavior...are we?  Well...maybe you are...but we're not! 
Someday we'll look back & laugh (and our kids will be in therapy...)!  Enjoy...
 The family spent some time together tonight for family night eating out, doing some errands, and some shopping. As usual, anytime we spend more than a few hours with the kids, the nerves start to get frazzled as they fight with each other, are rude, don't listen, or say things that irritate us parents to the core...(that's how it goes in our family anyway...if you know us at all you already know that we have model children...). Anyhoo, this is about how the conversation progressed when Josh refused to put his seatbelt on to go somewhere & Todd was about to lose his mind...

Todd: "You better put that dang seat belt on or I swear I'm going to..."
Josh: Sticks his toungue out...
Todd: Gets out of the car to kill the boy...
Josh: "Okay, Okay...fumbling to get the seat belt on as fast as he can now with the look of pure fear in his eyes watching his dad come for him...
Me: "Seriously--Josh are you that crazy--you're going to get yourself killed!" (as I lock the doors so Todd can't actually get to him and kill him...)
Todd: Getting back into the driver's seat..."I swear Santa is bringing you NOTHING for ALL get oranges and toilet paper."
Me: "Where did the oranges and toilet paper idea come from?"
Todd: "Because oranges are food, and toilet paper is something useful."
Me: "HUH?"
Todd: "Be Quiet."
Erin: Laughing in the back seat...
Todd: "And Erin, you don't get anything either--you are ALL getting nothing for Christmas..."
Abby: "What did I do?"
Todd: "You're ALL rotten, stinkin' brats! You don't deserve anything"
Tami: "Okay, okay--we're trying to have a nice family night--be nice"

(You have to picture in your mind the radio is still playing nice Christmas music in the background--and Elvis' song "Blue Christmas" is playing right now...)

Tami: "Seriously--can't we just have a nice night with the kids without it turning into a fight--and can't you kids just be NICE to eachother and not be such ingrates...
Todd: "Tami--you just need to shut up right now and listen to the Blue Christmas song--or I'm gonna make it a BLACK AND BLUE Christmas!

We all started cracking up at that point--Todd included. Oh man--the Chrismas cheer is awesome at our house! We'll see if Santa pays the kids a visit...maybe there will be pictures of our kids with their oranges and toilet paper...stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's TIME for Black Friday!  You will want to plan our store into your day of craziness--because guess what?  We're not only offering one or two items for a special (that will run out in 10 minutes...)--we're offering the WHOLE STORE!  The Mall will be open early on Friday--at 6 a.m..  EVERYTHING STOREWIDE is on sale for 40% off from 6 a.m. to NOON!  After noon, the sale is still a good one...25% off STOREWIDE!  That means jewelry, nativities, pashminas, bags, shawls, crosses, rosaries, chess sets, olive wood carvings, ornaments, jewish items, ceramics, framed photos, YOU NAME IT--It's ALL on SALE!  We are trying to clear the store in one day--and make room for new shipments!  *PLUS:  Get a free gift with EVERY purchase...get an even better gift with purchases over $40! *(while supplies store purchases only--this offer is NOT valid online).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

17 YEARS!...

17 years ago today, I married the love of my life!  I have never once regretted that decision.  Has it been difficult?  Yep.  Have there been hard times?  You bet.  Have I wondered whether we would make it?  Yep!  But I don't know how I would live without this man in my life.  Todd is amazing in every way.  I still don't know how I lucked out and got him to marry me!  This guy puts up with SO much--those of you who know me well know what I'm talking about.  I am opinionated, I am obnoxious at times, I talk too much, I listen too little.  I know I make him crazy with my disorganized, go with the flow kind of attitude about life.  All that, and he still sticks around!  Thank you sweetheart, for saying "yes" to this CRAZY life with one CRAZY woman!  Thank you for always working so hard, for always making sure I have what I need--and most of what I want too!  Thank you for being an amazing father to our children, and for being the perfect example to them in every way.  Thank you for your faith, and your love, and for always being there when I need you.  Thank you for being worthy to hold the priesthood, and for blessing our lives with the way you live yours.  Thank you for having integrity, even in business, and when others don't have any.  Thank you for doing the little things that you know will make me happy.  Thank you for listening, and letting me whine and cry to you.  Thank you for being YOU!  I love you so much!  Happy Anniversary..."I don't want to be 82--with anybody else but YOU!"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Josh's Baptism!...

Saturday was Josh's baptism day, and it could not have been a more beautiful day!  Yet, I woke up feeling like a truck had hit me because of a sinus infection.  If it hadn't been his baptism day, I don't think I would have gotten out of that bed all day!  We all got ready, and took some pictures of Josh in his super cute suit--(that I bought in Utah at Walmart...for a smokin' deal).  I just got tears in my eyes looking at him, and imagining him in a few more years...putting on his suit to go on his mission.  He was such a goof--he made it difficult to get a few good pictures, but I managed.  We were lucky to be the first ones released to go to the baptismal font, sometimes in a stake baptism it can take FOREVER!  I think it helped that I mentioned that we would have 50 people there...and 40 of them were kids!  To add to my being quite unprepared (as usual), our bishopric member wasn't there, so we had to ask Todd's brother, Bishop Chris if he would conduct for us--which he agreed to.  The baptism was wonderful.  All of the little kids (in our case 30 of them), crowded around to watch the baptism take place through the glass.  I was laughing because some of them, including Jack, had their little noses pressed up against the glass, and Josh started to grin at them.  I'm sure for him, it was a sight to see all those little faces looking at him.  He came up out of the water grinning from ear to ear, and I'm not sure who started it, but the kids began to clap and cheer and we had to shush them a little.  Reverence is always a struggle for our family at baptisms!  We are SO outnumbered!

We proceeded to the primary room for the confirmation, and tried to get the kids to sit reverently for a few minutes while Josh got dressed.  I think I only had to put one or two of them in a head lock!  :)  I was feeling a little frusterated, because I wanted Josh to be able to feel the spirit, and sometimes it's a little hard when it's so noisy, and there are so many kids running around.  I said a little prayer before the confirmation, that the kids would calm down, and Josh would be able to feel the spirit on his special day.  Todd gave a beautiful confirmation blessing.  I was struggling a little with Jack, but I heard most of it.  Josh was so lucky to have most of his uncles, and both of his grandpas here to stand in the circle.  I was overcome with gratitude for the wonderful men that he has as his examples, including an amazing father, who was worthy to baptize and confirm him.  What a blessing!

After the confirmation, Chris stood up to close the meeting, and asked if I would bear my testimony.  I was a little surprised, since I hadn't included that as part of the meeting when I asked him to conduct.  But when I stood up, the spirit just washed over me, and I was overcome with gratitude for the blessing that Josh is in our lives, and how proud I was that he was making this decision to be baptized.  I told them how when Josh was born, I wouldn't let him out of my sight!  I was SO grateful that God had finally given me a baby boy!  I also told him how I had promised Heavenly Father that if he would give me a boy, I would raise him to be a missionary, and this was a step toward that promise.  Another thing I said, is that even though Todd and I have gone through some struggles lately, I do know that the Lord loves me, and a thought came to me that morning, that I would rather walk with God in the dark than walk alone in the light.  I am grateful for a Savior who knows my struggles, and wants to help me.  As I bore my testimony, my sweet Joshua broke down in tears, and I could tell that for the first time, he was feeling the gift that he had just been given, the gift of the Holy Ghost.  We talked about it later that day, and how he wasn't crying because he was sad--but because he felt so happy.  I love that moment, when you first recognize how it feels to have the spirit touch your heart.  I love how each of my children experience those tender moments, and I get to be a part of that.  I was so grateful for my prayer to be answered, and for Josh to have that experience on this special day!

After the baptism, we went to the park for pizza and treats.  It is so fun having a large family, and many cousins to celebrate with.  We are so grateful that you all could come and share this special day with us!  We love you!  Here are some pics:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

StRipLinG WaRRiOrS SoCcER 2010!

This year was such a fun soccer season!  Kohn asked us all to sign our boys up for his team so that we could have all the cousins that age play together.  Josh, and his cousin Kam were in the age group below this one, so we gave permission for them to play up into the next division so they could play with their cousins in the 10U league.  It was fun to watch them play with boys who, in some cases, were twice their size!  They were able to hold their own though, and with their quickness, I think they surprised a few people!  We had 7 cousins on the team, and Uncle Kohn & Uncle Dave for coaches!  Plus, Uncle Todd, Uncle Chris, Uncle Greg, Uncle Shaun, and Grandpa on the sidelines to help coach!  The boys had a great season, and never lost a game!  We were also lucky to have all Mormon team members--so the boys called the team the "Stripling Warriors."  They sure were TOUGH--just like a Stripling Warrior would have been!  Great Job Boys!  We love you!

Highland Volleyball!...

This summer, Emie decided that she wanted to try out for Highland High School's Volleyball team.  I was a little surprised, since she hadn't played volleyball since she tried out for the 8th grade team and didn't make it.  It's a little daunting to try out for a team at a 5A school when you don't play club ball (some kids from the time they're 5 or 6!), but her friends played with her over the summer, and she really wanted to give it a try.  We did a few camps to try to help her prepare, and then came the week of tryouts.  The day tryouts started, Emie got called into the office, and they informed her that her paperwork wasn't completed for her athletic packet.  One of the forms needed to be notarized.  Since it was the 1st day of school, and a crazy day all around, by the time Emie got me on the phone it was 3, and tryouts started at 3:15.  I went over and got her, and we went over to the bank to try and find a notary to sign the document.  We got it done rather quickly, but by the time I got back to the school, and we had her all cleared to play it was already 3:30.  At this point, Emie says, "Forget it, I'm not going to go in there late...I'll just go and do swim team instead."  You just have to know that this is one kid who doesn't like to not be on time or prepared for something.  She would have rather died than walk into that practice late and make a spectacle out of herself!  But I encouraged her (OKAY--I forced her) to go into the bathroom, change her clothes, and hustle over to the gym.  You never know if you don't try, and I was determined that late or not, she at least give it a shot.
We were so happy when Emie made the Freshman Volleyball Team!  Not only that, but she learned the game fairly quickly, and worked her way into the starting rotation, coming in the game to play back row.  I was so proud of her for taking that chance, and putting herself out there!  She really worked hard this season, and it showed in her improvement!  Most of all, she had a GREAT time with so many fun teammates and learned to LOVE the game.  We had a great time watching her games--and I even got to be TEAM MOM!  Can you imagine?  Poor team...(jk).  Anyway, I had forgotten how much I LOVE the game of volleyball--watching it was nerve racking, and exhilarating all at the same time.  It brought back so many memories of the good ole' days!  Sorry for the pics being so blurry--I couldn't figure out how to take a stinkin action shot--they were all just blurry!  Oh well.
Emie, we're so proud of you!  Stick with it & you can become great at whatever you do!  This season was a great lesson in perseverance, and determination!  Congrats!  GO HAWKS!  :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010!...

Halloween, Halloween, Lots of FUN on Halloween!
Black Cats & Ghosts, Skeletons too,
Clowns and Witches all say BOO!
Pumpkins with eyes, shiny and bright,
Make us shiver with FRIGHT!
Halloween, Halloween, We LOVE Halloween!

That's the song that Todd's family sings every Halloween, and I love it!  We sure LOVE Halloween over here.  Maybe it's the fact that we owned a funeral home for so long, and we are a little jaded, but Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays over here!  I love that it's finally getting cooler, and we can finally get out of the house, I also love the costumes, and the make-up, and I LOVE the decorations and making our house look spooky!  And don't get me started on the CHOCOLATE!  Oh my--I need to lay off the chocolate!  I guess my favorite part of Halloween, is it's one of those holidays, where no matter how old you are, you feel like a kid again--and every year that is a nice feeling!  The other thing I love is that my kids LOVE Halloween--and I love that it's one thing that we share!
Anyway, here are some pics before we left to go to our ward's trunk or treat.  Erin was lacking ideas this year for a costume--so she ended up as a football jock--we will do better next year!  Other than that, they all had fun dressing up and I especially had fun with Abby's costume!  Her whole class was supposed to be Mad Scientists, and I got her a white lab coat, and we were just going to tease her hair up real good, but then I was at Savers, and I found an AWESOME straight jacket for only $5!  We made her look super crazy--and I love her pictures!  Her costume was so unique at her costume parade at school--everyone else was basically in the same white lab coat.  Look how she pops up in some of the random pics!  I also was lucky to have my family come into town for the weekend, so my parents & Kimbie were here.  Her kids have been Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for a few years, so they mixed it up a little and did it ZOMBIE style!  They looked great!  Jack was so funny--he wanted make-up as soon as he saw everyone getting it--but then when he looked at himself in the mirror he freaked out a little & started crying!  That's why his makeup looks pretty messed up--but he's still an adorable little hunter!  We had a great time at the party & had a great time handing out candy on Sunday night and talking to our friends and neighbors.  Another FUN Halloween--can't wait for next year!  (BTW--next year Todd and I are dressing up!  So many of our adults in this ward dressed up--I'm getting in on the action next year!  Game on!)
(This is Emie's real life Highland Math Club T-Shirt--she really is quite the NERD--but a cute one!)

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