Friday, December 31, 2010

It's time...

Can you bear with me while I have a little pity party?  I have been "checked out" a lot of things, including this blog.  It seems when your life is easy, and things are rolling along great, I have a LOT of things to write about, and my posts are positive and fun.  This year has NOT been that year for me, or for our family.  I don't like putting the hard days on my blog.  It's not that we don't have them...we have always had our share, but I just don't particularly enjoy going back and reading about the hard days.  I want to look back and remember the good days, the positive days, the fun days.  Those are the experiences I love to blog about.  Sure, I try to keep it real. No one is under the illusion that I am a super mom, or that my kids are perfectly perfect in every way like me...HA!  Yeah right!  But I do try to keep things fun, and keep things happy--(who wants to read a blog where someone complains all the time).  But let me tell you, 2010 has not been that kind of a year for us.

Without much detail...I will be happy in a few weeks when the year 2010 is in the books.  2010 will be a blip in our history, and can I just say..."Good Riddance!"  2010 will be the year that I remember that we lost some illusions that we had about life...things like "most people are honest people", or "most people are good".  We have been dealing with a few people this year who aren't honest, or good, even though that's what they made themselves out to be.  Oh yeah, add that to the list: here's another lesson learned:  "You can't trust everyone".  Check.  I think I am one of those people who will always be a little naive when it comes to life.  I actually preferred it that way.  Where I grew up, you didn't have to lock your door at night, and you could stay out past dark.  You could leave your wallet in the car and not give a thought that it might be stolen.  Let's face it, I don't think that kind of place exists anymore.  Doesn't that make you a little sad?  We have learned this year that you need to take care of yourself and your family, and not trust anyone else to keep their word.  Hard lesson.  I've always had such a "Pollyanna" view on life--ever since I can remember...and this year, I have found myself turning from Pollyanna into the GRINCH!  I really don't like grinches...and I really don't want to be one!

Don't get me wrong, we are super blessed.  I KNOW that our family has more than our share of blessings!  We are so grateful for all of them.  Our family has made the best of this year, in spite of the difficulties.  We have grown closer through these trials, one of the reasons I think that this year was good for us.  We have learned to count on each other, and to trust in the Lord.  I am grateful to know that He is mindful of our family, and that ultimately, He will help us to make things right. Even though we don't always understand...we hope that our trials will make us stronger.

In the meantime...bring on 2011--It's time!  It's time for a new start, and a new attitude!  It's time for happier thoughts.  It's time for a new me!  You'll see, 2011 is going to be our best year yet!  Stay tuned...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Card 2010...

Here's our Christmas Card (in case we forgot about you...) haha!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday TODD!...

This year Todd turns the BIG 3 - 9!  The last year in his 30's!  WOW!  Good thing he's looking younger and more good looking than ever!  We got up and made a QT Doughnut cake...our new tradition (we like them more than Krispy Kreme!).  I even bought 39 candles for his cake!  Boy did that fill the room up with smoke!  We got him some YUMMY cologne, some clothes, Erin got him a fancy watch, and I got him one of his favorite movies of all time--Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.  He remembers watching it growing up in Utah--since it was filmed there, near Sundance, where later Redford bought his ranch.  I don't think I have ever really watched the whole pretty much puts me to sleep--but Todd LOVES it!  I have looked for it for years...but it's not one of those movies that is easy to find.  I happened to be checking out at Frys a few months ago, and saw that they had old Westerns on display and was SO happy to find it!  Happy Birthday Todd~! Real quick--39 things I LOVE about my hubby:
1. SO good lookin'
2. Hard worker
3. Good husband
4. Better father
5. Strong (really he is a stud)
6. Smart
7. Sensitive (when he needs to be..)
8. Funny
9. Unpredictable
10. Spontaneous
11. Sarcastic
12. Good liar (really, it's a gift...)
13. Eagle Scout...(and Scout Master now...ugh)
14. Kids are giving him the cutest white hairs!
15. Protective
16. Loyal
17. Flirt
18. Fixes things...when he gets around to it!
19. Talented
20. Loving
21. Kind
22. Generous (always has been...)
23. Helpful around the house...not afraid to scrub toilets or do dishes!
24. Likes to eat out as much as I do...
25. Loves a good vacation
26. Spiritual
27. Sweet to the kids (Jack loves him more than me...)
28. Gorgeous green eyes...with one pupil that doesn't dilate--so cute.
29. Good listener...he lets me talk as much as I want...that's not easy
30. Loves his family
31. Loves football and puts up with me commenting on every play...
32. Loves sports
33. Loves hunting (but doesn't over do it)
34. Lets me do my thing... he's always been supportive.
35. Great testimony
36. Handsome & SEXY!
37. Great smile
38. Twinkle in his eyes
39. After 17 years together, he still makes my heart skip a beat! 
Thanks babe for putting up with me!  I love you!  Happy Birthday!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Trasi!...

Trasi's birthday is the day after Christmas, so she came over to our house for dinner and we had a little par-TAY!  Just Dance II was a BIG hit!  We even got some of the boys to dance--although Todd has SWORN that he will NEVER play that game...HA!  Todd gave Trasi a very special gift--those pickled pigs feet that he got from Christian for Christmas!  She was SO grateful...HAHA!  Happy Birthday Trasi! 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010!...

Christmas was such a fun day!  The kids slept in until around 8 a.m. (kids after my own heart! <3), then we lined them up on the stairs so I could check & see if Santa had come.  Todd came marching in with them & they went to town!  We always open stockings first...then presents, and every year we say we're going to open them one at a time, and after a few minutes everyone is just going crazy--so this year we didn't even try...they just went for it!  Emie and Erin were excited that Santa brought them Toms...(because their mom wouldn't buy them...she thinks they're ugly!).  Abby was super excited to get a new MP3 player/camera and art stuff.  Josh got a new Spark Scooter, and a new air gun.  Ashlie was SO thrilled with her new Nintendo DS.  Jack got some new blocks and a Chuck and Friends set that is super cute, and of course Toy Story 3 and a Buzz and Woody that he LOVES!  As for Todd--Santa brought him some clothes and an Ipod...He must not have been as good as I was this year, because Santa brought me a very beautiful diamond for my wedding ring (I lost it jogging last year...).  I cried!  That stinker--he always out does me on Christmas!Funniest gift?  My brother in law sent Todd some Hormel Pickled Pigs feet!  Haha--we got a good laugh out of that one...then Todd regifted them on Trasi's birthday and made her SO mad!  (Pictures of that later...) 

After presents, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Allen's for a nice breakfast and hung out until noon when we went to watch a movie.  I thought it was funny how many people were there in their jammies (we might do that next year...)!  Who wants to get dressed on Christmas anyway?  When we got home we had a nice Christmas dinner--turkey and all the fixins.  It's one of only 2 or 3 times a year that we actually set the table with REAL plates and silverware--and we get out the FANCY cups (plastic goblets that I got at the dollar store...but they're fancy to us!).  We had a very fun day!  Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Christmas Eve is my FAVORITE!  I love the busyness, the anticipation, the FUN that comes with the waiting for Santa to come!  This year was a little different--we didn't spend the day baking German Stollen like we usually do--we were traveling home from Thatcher.  We got to go out to lunch with my parents before we left town--yummy Mexican food, my favorite!  We arrived home just in time for our Allen Family Christmas party.  This year we had it at Grandma & Grandpa Allen's house and they decided to do soup and salads with home made rolls.  YUM!  We had a beautiful music program with the kids playing piano doing their Christmas recital pieces (have I mentioned that all my children have quit piano--except for Emie who wants to take lessons, but we can't pull it off right now with her schedule or our finances...)  I miss them playing piano and learning beautiful Christmas songs!  Then we read "I Believe" the book about Santa and Jesus, and how the spirit of Christmas and Santa are all symbols of Christmas--which are all meant to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas.  I love that book!  Shaun read "Twas the Night Before Christmas", and Trasi sang "O Holy Night" and brought tears to all of our eyes!  It was a beautiful and perfect night with friends and family!
When we came home, it was time for the kids to open their presents from each other.  We almost didn't have them buy them this year, but at the last minute--I decided this was too important of a tradition to skip.  I love seeing them draw names and think about the sibling they are assigned.  I love taking them to the store and seeing how picky they are, and how they want to get the perfect thing for that brother or sister.  I love that they really deep down LOVE their brothers and sisters, and want them to be happy!  This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas!  They had a great time opening gifts, then on to the next tradition of Christmas Eve JAMMIES so they don't come down looking all raggedy on Christmas morning!  They all looked so cute!  Then, one more thing to do--leave Santa some OREOS (don't you know those are his FAVORITE cookies???  Always have been!) and get to SLEEP!  Todd and I actually got some sleep as well since Todd was home all week working and had nothing better to do than wrap gifts from us to put under the tree.  We put our gifts out for the kids and went to BED!  What a great Christmas Eve!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's!...

The week before Christmas we headed down to Thatcher to see my parents & spend a few days with them.  Kimbie and her kids decided to come and play with us!  We had a great time making Reindeer cookies (a Christmas tradition at our house), gingerbread cookies, playing Nintendo (the older kids fight over it too...), riding the Rhino with Grandpa, playing card games, doing sealings & a session at the Gila Valley Temple (thanks to my Mom and Dad for the Christmas $$$ which bought temple clothes this year!), and eating GREAT food!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Metzger for such an AWESOME time!  We love you guys!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Abby's Photo Shoot...

Abby and her friend Alyssa had a little photo shoot in our neighborhood.  I think they took some pretty sweet pictures!  Even Ashlie took some of these!  What cute girls!

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