Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dance Recital...

It was Erin and Abby's dance recital tonight at Red Mountain High School. I had fun crimping their hair and making them pretty and girly! They looked awesome in their costumes (they should, they were $70 each!), and they danced so well. Ashlie wanted to get all pretty like her sisters, so we took some cute pics of her as well. Emie played in the championship game for softball tonight. Her team won the league! She pitched for the last 3 batters, and hit them all. We were so glad because it was 10:00 and time to go home! I called her my MVP--Most Violent Player! JK Emie! Great job this season! Now summer can officially begin!!! Hooray!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I HATE Excercise!

Okay, so I just got off the treadmill, and can I tell you how much I hate to excercise? I used to enjoy it when I was younger--(and in much better shape)! Now I feel like an old woman on that stupid treadmill. I'm huffing and puffing, and not even going that fast. I sweat like a pig, and I have to wash my hair every day, which I hate. I walk/jogged 3 miles, and I feel like I ran a marathon (I smell like it too!). 335 calories??? What is that, like 4 oreos??? They also say that I'm supposed to feel better, and have more energy. Instead, I find myself falling asleep while I'm nursing the baby every few hours. I'm like an old woman who can fall asleep anywhere, my neck aches from the strange positions I fall asleep in. Excercise sucks--(what a great attitude to start my day huh?) Oh well...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Gravity...

This is a song by my best friend Stori's brother's band called Due West. They have toured around the last few years with Jason Deere doing the firesides for the Joseph and Trek albums that are really popular, and are starting to get some play on the radio in Utah. I really like some of their songs, so give it a listen. His name is Brad Hull, and the lead singer is Tim Gates from Richfield, Utah, anyone know him?

The Trek and Joseph albums are my absolute favorite church music--if you haven't bought them, give them a listen--they're awesome!

Memorial Day Weekend...

We spent Memorial Day at Grandpa Allen's cabin with family and cousins! It was great fun as always, but COLD! We drove up on Friday and didn't get there until 2 a.m.. It was a snowstorm as we drove up through the rim, but no snow once we got to Heber. The kids had a great time as always and so did we! It was hard to stay on the diet--but we did the best we could! I was nervous to weigh when I got home, but happy as we are both down 10 lbs now! I haven't been this weight since Joshua was little! So excited! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Allen for another great weekend at the cabin! We love you!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Emie's Promotion...

Emie is officially a 7th Grader! She graduated from the 6th grade on Thursday. She received several awards, even the Presidential Gold Academic Award straight from the White House and signed by George W. Bush! Her principal made a joke about it being signed by President Hillary Clinton, but it didn't go over very well, everyone booed, which made me laugh! I am so proud of her, what a beautiful daughter I have! That night, Todd and I and some friends of ours took her and her friends bowling and to Applebees for a late night, and got home around 1 a.m.. It was nice to sleep in! Good Job Emie Lyn, I can't believe how fast these last 12 years have flown by! We love you!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sabotaged by the Krispy Kreme...

Okay, so I have been doing really well on my diet, but the thing I miss the most is dessert. Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I couldn't stand to not have a, I went to Cheesecake Factory with Stori for lunch and had Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake--(it was to die for!)! I felt bad for Stori, I don't think she got much of it! Then, coming home from Emie's softball game tonight, we passed Krispy Kreme, which just opened back up for business, and well, I begged Todd to stop--after all it was still my birthday! So much work to take off the pounds, only to sabotage myself today. But just for the record, every bite of that doughnut was well worth the exercise I will do tomorrow to get back on track! Sometimes a girl just needs a treat!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Is it okay to do laundry on Sunday?? I have so much to do this week, and I was just sitting around today so I've been putting loads of laundry in to get a head start on my week. I don't know if I need to repent of that or not? Oh well.

We have such a crazy week this week--softball tournaments for Emie and Erin, dance, piano, end of the school year awards, etc. It will be crazy, and I am trying to brace myself for stress mode! Emie's 6th grade promotion ceremony--(she thinks promotion sounds so stupid and wants to call it graduation!) is on Thursday. I can't believe that I will have a 7th grader! I am so proud of her, she is an awesome girl, so talented and beautiful. I have to brag just a little on my Emie!

I'm turning 34 on Tuesday. I guess I'm still closer to 30 then 40 so it's okay. I sure don't feel like I am old enough to have all these kids and all this responsibility sometimes! A teenager scares me to death! Time sure flies when you are so busy--where has the past 5 or 10 years gone? I need to remember to be grateful for every day!

Today in church we sang O My Father for the rest hymn. It is such a beautiful song. I love that it mentions my Heavenly Mother. I was doing sharing time on Mothers day and when I was bearing my testimony I told the kids that I was so grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me raise his children, and I felt the spirit so strongly testify of the love that my Heavenly Mother has for them and for me as well. I am so grateful for that knowledge.

Well, my day of rest is almost over...Monday, here we come! Oh, and update....Todd and I are both down 6 lbs. on our diet. We are eating enough food, but just different food, but I have been impressed with how satisfied I feel. There are some things I still crave, but all in all it's a pretty good diet. I don't have to unbutton my pants to be comfortable this week, and that's progress! Hallelujiah! We just need to stay motivated.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This...

I was on the treadmill the other day and this great new video came on CMT, and it made me tear up. I was trying to run without falling off while I watched. I thought I'd share the lyrics--all of us need to keep this in mind daily I think--especially if you're a mother! There is a link to the video at the bottom, it is worth a watch.

You're Gonna Miss This...By Trace Adkins

She was staring out the window of their SUV
Complaning, saying "I can't wait to turn 18"
She said "I'll make my own money, and I'll make my own rules"
Mamma put the car in park out there in front of the school
Then she kissed her head and said "I was just like you"

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

Before she knows it she's a brand new bride
In a one-bedroom apartment, and her daddy stops by
He tells her "It's a nice place"She says "It'll do for now"
Starts talking about babies and buying a house
Daddy shakes his head and says"Baby, just slow down"

Cause you're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this

Five years later there's a plumber workin' on the water heater
Dog's barkin', phone's ringin'
One kid's cryin', one kid's screamin'And she keeps apologizin'
He says "They don't bother me. I've got 2 babies of my own.
One's 36, one's 23. Hon, it's hard to believe, but...

You're gonna miss this
You're gonna want this back
You're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast
These are some good times
So take a good look around
You may not know it now
But you're gonna miss this"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Todd and I started a new diet on Monday called LEAN FOR LIFE--my mom told us about it. It's basically high protien, low carb, low fat. For the first 3 days though, you are basically starving, and I have been a little grumpy--(if you asked my kids, they would say a lot grumpy). Seriously though, with a new baby, little sleep, lots of stuff going on for the end of the school year, softball games, and all the usual stuff that happens in this house, it is probably not the best time to start a diet! Then again, is there EVER a good time to go on a diet? If anyone loves to eat--it's Todd and I! We love good food, we love to go out to eat, we love trying new things. Problem is the older we get, the more the food we eat loves our thighs, our bellies, and even our backs--(backfat--EWW!) Our motivation is the beach vacation we go on in a month--we really don't want to look like beached whales! Maybe if I post this here--we can be accountable, and maybe next time you see us, we'll be a little smaller... If I could only lose a few inches, I could fit in something other than my workout clothes...One can only hope....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jack Henry's Blessing!

Today was Jack's blessing, and it was such a wonderful morning. We had so many friends and family to share this special day with us. Todd gave him a wonderful blessing, and the spirit was so strong during testimony meeting. I know that this baby will grow up to be a valiant young man, and he will have a strong testimony. We are so blessed to have so much extended family, and so many people who love us, and love our kids. Today I am grateful for family, and for my testimony of the Gospel, what a wonderful blessing to have the knowledge that we have, that our family can be forever!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kindergarten Jungle Play!

Spots the Leopard!
Proud DAD!
Josh was Spots the Leopard in his kindergarten jungle play. He memorized his lines and was as cute as can be! I love this time of year when we have the end of the year concerts and plays. It gives the kids a chance to show off what they've learned this year, and us a chance to spend more time as a family supporting each other. School will be out in a few weeks, WOW how time flies when you're as busy as we are! The kids will be happy for the lazy days of summer--and even I will be happy for summer vacations and sleeping in a little longer! YEAH!

Softball Season

Every March thru May softball is our life! This year we've added teeball for Josh as well. It has been pretty much insane this year with a new baby and four different ball teams! We are lucky to have great friends who help us to get all of our kids where they are supposed to be! We have at least one game every night Mon. thru Fri., and sometimes 3 games in different places in a night. But the kids sure love to play, and we love to watch them! It's so fun to see them develop and improve over the years! Good job kids! We are your biggest fans!

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