Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RV Fun!

Here's the video, as promised. Give a 6 year old boy a juice box with a little tiny straw--and he comes up with a way to make fart noises...too funny!

Helena, Montana

Shelly's house is in the beautiful mountains near Helena, Montana. She has the ultimate cabin house--with grazing deer in the yard that are so used to people that even my kids don't scare them. Todd is just loving it! He just sits out on the porch and watches them--you don't see many deer in AZ--and when you do they RUN! It's been really fun having the cousins all together, for the first time in a few years! They have had fun together. We are heading out tomorrow to go down to Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons for a few days before going back to Brigham City to take everyone home. Casey and Cameron are going to tag along too--so we are up to 10 kids--still even though, 5 girls, 5 boys! We are bringing along a tent for the older kids to sleep outside--I hope the bears don't eat them! No really...there are lots of bears in Yellowstone--pray for us!Great fun before bedtime! I thought these turned out cool--the lightsabers look like they're real--and I love how the boy's eyes glow--scary!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Brigham City, Utah

We left fish lake around 10, and found a dump site so that Todd could do the dirty deed--dump the waste. It was relatively harmless since we haven't used the toilet--except for one middle of the night emergency--when I told Todd I wasn't going to hike it to the outhouse with a crying 4 year old (who happens to HATE the outhouse as I mentioned)--so he could do it if he wanted! Ummm, ya, she went in the RV... Josh spent the trip trying to invent new ways to make farting noises...tons of fun. I will post the video if you're wondering...only a 6 year old boy could come up with these things. He cracks me up!We drove to Richfield for our must stop ice cream shop--Ideal Dairy, where we stocked up on punch bags (like ginormous otter pops!), raisin-filled cookies, jumbo chocolate cookies, and lemon sugar cookies--(can you see why we struggle with our weight??? hmmm...). We got to Wendy's around 4 p.m. and the kids had a great time getting caught up with their cousins! We left the kids at home and went to eat at a great BBQ place--Moore's Cowpoke BBQ. It was YUMMY! It was family style BBQ--and way more than I should've eaten, buy HEY--we're on vacation--where food doesn't actually have calories right? Try telling my thighs that! Sunday, we went to church with Wendy and Owen right across the street from their house. It is an OLD church building that has been redone several times, but it has three different stories, and the chapel has the most amazing balcony that you can sit up in. It also has the most beautiful stained glass windows--even they look so much better from the inside of the chapel. I took some pictures of it. After church Owen made us the most amazing homemade pizza! He is seriously the best cook ever, he cooks everything from scratch! We parked the motor home out front and camped there--thank goodness there wasn't an HOA to bust us! HA HA~! We got on the road around 5 to head to my sister Shelly's in Montana. It was a long 7 hour drive--but beautiful! We also picked up a few more kids for the week--taking Mitchell and Noah with us. Now we have an even number--4 girls, 4 boys--and NO room! We got to Shelly's around 1 in the morning, and settled down for the night. It rained all night again--and again I was glad to be in the RV and not in a tent!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping at Fish Lake

We got to Fish lake a little late in the day, and all the campgrounds were pretty full, so we ended up camping a few miles out of town at Johnson Reservoir, still a beautiful area. We showered in town--(such fun with 6 kids) at the town store, that was interesting! We bought some marshmallows to roast and the kids went around gathering firewood to roast marshmallows. It was cracking me up when Josh brought his stick to roast his marshmallows--it was ginormous! He just loves setting things on fire (yikes...) and I don't even think he ate one of his marshmallows, he just fried them till they were all black and crispy then threw them into the fire! Silly boy... Jack on the other hand didn't cook his at all--and LOVED eating like 20 of them. Ashlie is too funny about going potty in the outhouse, she hated it! I think she'd rather go outside by a bush than go in the outhouse--who can blame her? Those things are soooo gross--who has the job of emptying those anyway? They can't possibly get paid enough can they? I guess you can tell, I'm not much of a camper--and some of my kids are following suit! I was just happy for the RV--and a soft bed, with a roof to keep us dry and warm since it rained all night long! We are having a great time!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Grand Canyon & Fish Lake!

We got up early to head to the Grand Canyon and hiked down to the lookout points, some of which were steep and a little narrow. I’m not one of those girls who glistens when I exercise, I SWEAT! I was dripping sweat by the time we got down there—not even to mention that we had to come back UP the hill! It was beautiful, and certainly worth the hike—even though my kids gave me some scary moments running and jumping along the trail. Emie and Erin hiked up to the top of this HUGE rock for the best view of all—too bad they didn’t have the camera with them! Check them out—crazy girls! Jack kept holding on to the guard rail and swinging on it. Someone asked us if we were gonna be like Michael Jackson and swing him over the side—Emie says, “No, but you could drop Josh over the side if you want.” All the girls were laughing, and I am starting to wonder if they have a conspiracy to kill this boy. I better watch out for him!

We left at lunchtime and headed for Fish Lake, Utah, Todd’s old stomping grounds. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous white quaking aspen trees. Todd lived in Richfield, Utah growing up and his parents had a cabin up here that they would come to all the time. We made dinner, roasted marshmallows, and played greed to end the day! What a fun time!

Day 1--Jacob Lake & Camping

Today we drove to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon via Jacob Lake—and of course stopped along the way for some YUMMY cookies! The zucchini lemon are my favorite, it doesn’t gross me out, having a veggie in there, my mom used to throw zucchini in everything growing up because we would always have a TON of it in our garden. I love it! Driving in the motor home has been an interesting experience. I thought that Jack would be happier if he could be out of his car seat for part of the time, but he just wants to be up front looking out the front window, so he drove me crazy all day. He ended up being in his seat—a LOT so that he wasn’t wandering around. Josh was funny, he was up in the bed over the cab and says, “Mom, why don’t you come up here with me—oh yeah, cause you’ll probably break it!” Ouch. We were talking later about a mountain lion that had been sighted near our camp, and who he would go after, and Emie says, “We’ll just feed Josh to him, then we’ll all be happy.” Ha! It was funny to see him around the campfire—you give a 6 year old boy a stick and fire and he is happier than anything! The day ended with a friendly game of UNO—except for the fighting and the tears that are inevitable in our family! UGH!
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