Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday ABBY!

Okay, so I am 4 whole days late posting about Abby's 9th birthday! Her birthday was actually on Saturday--and we were driving home from California, so not much of a celebration! But we did celebrate last Wednesday, while we were still in California, by going to the most awesome place ever--SEA WORLD! I seriously love this place! I still remember going there like 20 years ago as a child, and it was absolutely my favorite place in California--I even liked it better than Disneyland. When I came home, I was convinced that I was going to reach my dream of being a marine biologist...ya, well, when you live in the middle of the desert, that isn't really gonna happen, but it was a fun idea! Emie was bummed when I told her that Shamu was just the name of the show--not really the same whale that has been there for 50 years. They don't really last that long... He was still as amazing as I remember him though. One of the most awesome things was going down and watching him under the water, and listening to him "talk"--that's seriously the coolest thing ever! We loved the shows, and the rides, and just being together! Thanks Abby, for a great idea--we all loved our day at Sea World!
This picture says it all! We had a BLAST! Love you Abby!

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Kelsey Stenquist said...

Haha I love last pic. Todd looks so happy!

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