Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fabulous 4th!

I am finally getting around to posting pictures from our fabulous 4th of July! It has been a busy few weeks at this crazy house! We were able to get home from our vacation, unpack, and get the tile finished and sealed just in time to get the appliances into our kitchen on Wednesday morning. YAY--we are cooking food in the kitchen! We had been going out to the garage to use the refrigerator out there, and the microwave! Progress... My sister Shelly was able to come with her daughter Casey, they came all the way from Montana to stay a week and to see Wicked. My other sister Kimbie came down from Payson with her husband and 8 kids, and my mom and dad came from Thatcher. Wish my other sister from Utah could've made it--it would have been a full family reunion! (We'll get her down here for Thanksgiving--and Phantom of the Opera!) It was also a treat to have my aunt Vickie, my dad's sister, come into town from Tucson and stay a few days with us. I haven't seen her in years! We had a great time together!

We did have a few technical difficulties in our new house--big surprise! We worked hard to get someone over before the 4th to get our spa working so we could enjoy it with our family--and we did manage to get it heated up--although the thermostat wasn't exactly working right, so it heated up to a whopping 106 degrees! So Todd turned off the heater, and by the end of the night it was a warm 103--still pretty hot to sit in for more than 5 minutes, but it felt nice. The next morning, my mom went out to go for a swim in the pool, and got a big surprise when she went to step in and the pool was HOT--like really HOT! There was a wire crossed or something, and when Todd tried to turn off the heater to the spa, it actually began heating the pool. So the entire POOL heated up all night--to 106! Todd tried to go buy some ice for it--25 blocks, and threw them in, but the pool was still like 102--still way too hot for the kids to swim, so they were stuck inside for the day. By Saturday, it was a cool--98 degrees! Okay, so it wasn't very cool, but it was okay, and we bought a little blow up pool that we filled with the hose so there was some cooler water to swim in! Too funny! It was great to have everyone come visit! I promise, next time you come we will be out of boxes--well mostly! :)

We had a great time swimming...when it wasn't too HOT!
Of course we played lots of games--like Settlers of Zarahemla (fun, fun game!)Five CrownsAnd one of our favorites--GREED!The kids love the new "cuddle chair" that we got for the basement, it spins!What would the 4th of July be without a BBQ! The ribs were awesome, and sweet corn on the cob!My Aunt Vickie, Shelly and Casey...Shelly and Casey with my mom and dad...Aunt Vickie and my dad...

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