Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phone Dump...a million pictures of things you probably don't care about--but I love them anyway! :)

I just got a new phone (Sprint sucks, by the way), so I had like 700 pictures on my memory card to go through and transfer to my computer!  Yikes!  Some of them are junk--but some are just awesome, and they need to go in my book, so here goes...
Cub Scouts has been my calling for 4 years now--so I have lots of these pics!
 Lots of pics of Jack--he is the only one left at home!  Love this kid!
 Josh's Raingutter Regatta...not too shabby!  :)
 Random headshots...
 Cosmic Bowling, Yummy dessert, face painting, haircuts, good lookin belly dancer, and BATMAN!
Christiaan won state, Anniversary surprise, Jack is an indian, Abby is Egyptian, Lunch out, Carousel, Todd being Todd, Erin chillin', laundry sucks, etc.
 Jack bangs his head up--A LOT!  Mother of the year yet?  NOPE!
 Funny camera pics...
 Emie got asked...and answered to prom...Gorgeous!
 We got a DOG!  Can you tell?
 Random pics...Utah, Oceanside, Lake Powell, Women's Conference, graduation, etc.
 People over here are WORN OUT!
 Roadtrip Pics...Vegas, Utah, Lake Powell, Beach, Girl's Camp
 Kinda love my family...never a dull moment!
 Some of my favorites...things I've made or just LOVE!
 It's been raining!  A LOT!  The kids loved all the water--until they got eaten up by mosquitoes!  Bottom left corner is my favorite!  Puddle jumping!
Finally, no matter where you are in the world, if you want to feel God's love, just look at a sunset. Beauty is everywhere--and I'm grateful.

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Ed said...

loved all the pics. I wish I was better at taking them!

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