Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring has Sprung...

And I've been feeling CRAFTY!  (Seriously...I know it's weird).  It might be because I have a new addiction to Pinterest, and I've seen SO many great ideas on there, and WOW, I don't know where you women find the time to do all of the amazing things that are pinned on there.  You can bet this post will be on Pinterest, though, since the things that I make, and actually end up liking are few and far between!  Usually I end up hating whatever it is, and give it away!  If you've received something homemade from me, sorry.  :)

I've been trying to find things to bring SPRING into our house--I so love Springtime!  I love the smell of the blossoms, the warm sun on my skin (even though let's face it, I live in AZ--and I get it all year round), I love that school is almost over, and summer is so close I can almost taste it!  I also love the colors and flowers that spring brings.  I wanted to make something cute to go on my table, since I found these fabulous bright orange place mats on sale at Pier 1 Imports.  I ended up spending too much time, (and a LOT of $$), at Michaels, and I managed to find this adorable silver watering can to do my floral in.  Gerber daisies are my favorite (except for sunflowers, which I adore too--but those are more for fall), I also added some yellow smaller flowers, and some green hydrangeas to even it out and make it fuller.  I think it turned out cute!  I am no expert at flower arranging, but for my first project, I think it didn't turn out too bad!  Take a look:


We also made an Easter wreath, that was inspired from my sister Wendy, who sent me a picture of hers...super cheap and EASY!  I think it turned out so cute!
First, we covered a plain wreath with easter grass (with a TON of hot glue)...
 Josh covered himself with the easter grass too...
 Then, I glued tye-dye eggs, and a big box of plain plastic eggs from Walmart to cover the wreath...
Ashlie loved the easter grass too!
 Make sure you mix up the colors & use enough to completely cover the wreath...
And have some FUN while you're doing it!
 Here's the finished product--and a cute girl who helped make it
(she's got the burned fingers to prove it!)
 And here it is on my door!
 VOILA!  Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break Stay-Cation...

I know this is late in coming, but my laptop has been giving me fits lately, (the battery lasts about 15 minutes on average, before it gives out), and my other computer is getting repaired, and I am in computer HELL!  There's no blogging on the phone, or the Kindle either, I don't care what anyone tells you, because a touch keyboard is for texting--not typing a blog post, especially when you are long winded, like I am.  Anyway--for Spring Break this year, we did the stay-cation thing again, since Todd is just getting this business going,  and he still can't get away for weeks at a time.  DANG!  I was determined to not stay home and sulk though, so I told the kids if they helped out around the house, we would do something fun every day.  I'm pretty sure we almost spent as much as we would have on a vacation--but we had a great time!  Monday, we did Airworks, and the kids spent two glorious hours jumping on all kinds of trampolines and playing X-Box while jumping.  I was also in Heaven, just sitting on a comfy chair for two straight hours reading Hunger Games (awesome)!  I didn't get any pictures that day, but they had a fantastic time! 

Tuesday, we waited for Todd to get off work, (he wanted to play too!) and I found a deal for $12.99 per person to go to Golfland.  We got to do bumper boats, laser tag, race cars, and play a round of miniature golf.  We took Eli and his gorgeous wife Mila with us, and Emie and her friend Cameron met us there.  We had a great time!  This time, I brought my camera:

Some of those pictures cracked me up!  Especially those last ones that look like they are going to beat each other to death with golf clubs!  HA!

Wednesday, we decided to go to the Phoenix Zoo.  The kids loved it, and it was so fun to take our time, and see some of the things we usually miss when we go to the zoo and are on a tighter time schedule.  It was hilarious that the only animal Erin was dying to see was a Peacock.  I just thought it was funny that was the animal she was excited about.  Imagine our surprise, when we were over by the kids petting zoo, and saw a PEACOCK up on top of one of the buildings just sitting there!  She was so excited!  Josh was so happy that when I stopped to buy sunscreen, he managed to sneak some binoculars up on the counter while I wasn't looking, and by the time I realized it, I had bought those, and some gummy worms that Erin snuck up there too.  Dang kids.  Jack was disappointed that we didn't get to see the elephants pee this time.  Apparently that's the only thing he remembered from our last zoo trip!  It made him happier when I bought a bag of popcorn the same size as him! We all got a kick out of watching a black bear who was obviously tired of people gawking at him, just sit and bang on the door to try to get out of the exhibit area. The zoo entry wasn't too expensive, but holy crap, lunch was almost $80!  Next time, we're packing a lunch to go to the zoo!  Here are some pictures of our fun day!

Thursday, my 3 oldest kids left to go to Disneyland with their Aunt Katie, and Grandma Allen.  They had a fantastic time going to their cousin's cheer competition there.  It wasn't boring here, since the Alexanders came down to play with us! The kids were CRAZY, and swam all day (water is still FREEZING)! They were exhausted!  Kimbie, Christian, Todd, and I went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Phoenix (I love me some Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter...YUM), then went to see Jeff Dunham at  U.S. Airways Arena.  He was HILARIOUS--even though some of the parts were a little irreverent to say the least.  I think he managed to offend all races, and religions equally, though, so no harm done.  My face and sides hurt when we got done.  It was nice to get away and have a night out!  My favorite was Achmed the Dead Terrorist--he cracks me up!  "I KILL YOU!"

Friday, we decided to make a day of it, and go to Amazing Jakes.  It wasn't so bad for us--since we only had the 3 youngest kids, but I felt bad when my sister spent almost $300 for their 8 kids and them!  Needless to say, we made sure we got our money's worth!  We ate lunch there, played for 5 hours, and ate dinner there, then played for a few more hours!  The kids had a great time playing golf, playing video games, riding rides, etc.  Jack was hilarious on the tea cups.  He HATED them!  The look on his face was priceless...he was like green!  He told me later, "I don't ever want to ride tea cups mom, they make me sick!"  The other kids loved them, though, and went on them over and over!  Bleh!  By the time we got home, we were BEAT!  It was a lot of fun, though, and the kids had a great time with their cousins!

Saturday, we were so beat from our eventful week, that we just hung out, ate, and visited all day.  It was nice just to unwind before Sunday.  All in all, our stay-cation was an amazing week.  We made a ton of great memories, and had a fabulous time just being together!  I love my family!  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cub Scouts...

Cub Scouts seems to be my go to calling for the last 6 years!  3 years in my other ward, then I have been in cub scouts since we moved into this one!  Actually, I enjoy it.  The last group of kids we had was a little difficult, only because there were 12 of them at one time, and it's hard to do fun things, and keep them cheap when there are so many boys.  I prefer the group I have now, which is 3 strong!  They are such cute boys, and the Wolf den is so fun, since they are so excited to be there, and to participate.  A few weeks ago, I bought bird houses for the boys to make at Hobby Lobby.  They were the real nail and hammer kind, not the kind you glue together, so I went to Walmart, and got these "little chubby" hammers that are so cute, and just the right size for cub scouts.
Then, I enlisted the help of my girls, since the boys would need help holding the little nails in place for them to hammer them in.  Can I just tell you how hilarious it was when the building ensued?  You would hear:  BANG, BANG, BANG, OOUCH!  Again and again.  My girls were such good sports to come away with banged up fingers, because the boys were so proud of themselves for building their bird houses all by themselves!  I wish I had taken pictures of the finished product, after they painted them, but I didn't think about it when they took them home!  But, here is a picture of my cute scouts working on their houses:  Love these boys (and those cute girls too)!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Dressed Up...

I found this little suit at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for a whopping $5, and it was just Jack's size!  He couldn't wait to wear it to church, he kept saying, "I look like a MISSIONARY!"  He looked adorable, the only problem was he insisted on keeping his tie OUT.  I kept trying to tuck it into his buttoned up suit, and he would get all ticked off and pull it out.  It looked pretty ridiculous that way, but even when I tried to tuck it in just for a picture, here's what I got:
Poor little guy, right?  So I said, "Alright, FINE.  Take out the tie if you want!"  And here's what I got then:

 CUTEST. MISSIONARY. EVER!  Then, picture time was over, so what better thing is there to do in your suit than lounge around the pool on a Sunday afternoon with your brother.  Good times!  Gosh I love these boys!

Trampoline Fun...

When my sister Kimbie comes down to visit with her 8 kids--it's a full blown party at this house!  The kids especially enjoy jumping on the trampoline.  Our tramp is nothing fancy, mind you.  The cover has been destroyed for a few years, and we've never bothered with an enclosure, but the frame and mat are still intact, and the kids have a blast together jumping on it!  Love these faces--so fun to be a KID!

My Baby Jack is 4!...

Can you believe it?  I can't!  Just weeks ago, I was blogging about my little Jack's birth!  (Read it HERE). Wasn't he just adorable?

This little guy has brought nothing but joy and happiness with him into our lives!  He is truly the center of attention at all times over here, and brings a smile to my face with just about everything he does.  He is starting to be the real "big boy" now, with being potty trained, and even starting to sleep in his own bed!  The last few nights, he has even stayed in his bed all night!  It has been bitter sweet for me, having him grow up.  Heaven knows, I am the best mother of babies.  I may not have been born to parent teenagers--that part is foreign to me (so far...)--but I was born to mother babies.  Their soft skin, their smell, the sweet milky breath, that first smile, the way they depend on you for everything.  I love it all!  If it weren't for these babies growing up (and getting complicated and expensive), I would have had 20 babies! My kids will have a lot to complain about when they talk about their older years, but I feel like I was a great baby mom.  I was a great toddler mom too (minus the freak outs over the kids destroying things in my house--that, I still don't get??  My brother-in-law cracked me up when one of his kids put a hole in his wall, and he said, "Why do you hate my house so much son?  What has it ever done to you?"  Ha!)  Sometimes I miss having a baby to cuddle, but with Jack, I knew that I couldn't do the pregnancy thing again, and I felt good about him being the caboose.  He is spoiled rotten over here, but you know what?  It's ok.  Maybe I'm going to regret what a monster we've created later, but for now, he is the BABY of the family, and we all love him to pieces! 

For Jack's birthday, Todd decided to forego the donut tradition, since Jack doesn't much care for QT donuts--(I know, strange, right?).  Instead, we let him open presents while Todd cooked his favorite breakfast--BACON!  And a little bit of waffle to go with it!  He is the funniest kid--he can seriously down a pound of bacon by himself!  You wouldn't know by looking at him, but this kid can EAT when you find something he really likes!  Too bad that right now that happens to be next to nothing...but he loves him some bacon! 

For his little party, I had a groupon that we hadn't used to Bounce U, so we invited some of Jack's favorite cousins, Stosh and Stacia, and had us a fantastic time bouncing!  It's so funny, the older kids have just as much fun there as the little ones do (if not more...)!  Then, we went to Barros pizza for our favorite pizza--YUM! I got some pictures of our fun night:

Happy birthday big guy!  Our family wouldn't be the same without you!  We love you! 
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