Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All Dressed Up...

I found this little suit at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for a whopping $5, and it was just Jack's size!  He couldn't wait to wear it to church, he kept saying, "I look like a MISSIONARY!"  He looked adorable, the only problem was he insisted on keeping his tie OUT.  I kept trying to tuck it into his buttoned up suit, and he would get all ticked off and pull it out.  It looked pretty ridiculous that way, but even when I tried to tuck it in just for a picture, here's what I got:
Poor little guy, right?  So I said, "Alright, FINE.  Take out the tie if you want!"  And here's what I got then:

 CUTEST. MISSIONARY. EVER!  Then, picture time was over, so what better thing is there to do in your suit than lounge around the pool on a Sunday afternoon with your brother.  Good times!  Gosh I love these boys!

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