Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Baby Jack is 4!...

Can you believe it?  I can't!  Just weeks ago, I was blogging about my little Jack's birth!  (Read it HERE). Wasn't he just adorable?

This little guy has brought nothing but joy and happiness with him into our lives!  He is truly the center of attention at all times over here, and brings a smile to my face with just about everything he does.  He is starting to be the real "big boy" now, with being potty trained, and even starting to sleep in his own bed!  The last few nights, he has even stayed in his bed all night!  It has been bitter sweet for me, having him grow up.  Heaven knows, I am the best mother of babies.  I may not have been born to parent teenagers--that part is foreign to me (so far...)--but I was born to mother babies.  Their soft skin, their smell, the sweet milky breath, that first smile, the way they depend on you for everything.  I love it all!  If it weren't for these babies growing up (and getting complicated and expensive), I would have had 20 babies! My kids will have a lot to complain about when they talk about their older years, but I feel like I was a great baby mom.  I was a great toddler mom too (minus the freak outs over the kids destroying things in my house--that, I still don't get??  My brother-in-law cracked me up when one of his kids put a hole in his wall, and he said, "Why do you hate my house so much son?  What has it ever done to you?"  Ha!)  Sometimes I miss having a baby to cuddle, but with Jack, I knew that I couldn't do the pregnancy thing again, and I felt good about him being the caboose.  He is spoiled rotten over here, but you know what?  It's ok.  Maybe I'm going to regret what a monster we've created later, but for now, he is the BABY of the family, and we all love him to pieces! 

For Jack's birthday, Todd decided to forego the donut tradition, since Jack doesn't much care for QT donuts--(I know, strange, right?).  Instead, we let him open presents while Todd cooked his favorite breakfast--BACON!  And a little bit of waffle to go with it!  He is the funniest kid--he can seriously down a pound of bacon by himself!  You wouldn't know by looking at him, but this kid can EAT when you find something he really likes!  Too bad that right now that happens to be next to nothing...but he loves him some bacon! 

For his little party, I had a groupon that we hadn't used to Bounce U, so we invited some of Jack's favorite cousins, Stosh and Stacia, and had us a fantastic time bouncing!  It's so funny, the older kids have just as much fun there as the little ones do (if not more...)!  Then, we went to Barros pizza for our favorite pizza--YUM! I got some pictures of our fun night:

Happy birthday big guy!  Our family wouldn't be the same without you!  We love you! 

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