Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010!...

Halloween, Halloween, Lots of FUN on Halloween!
Black Cats & Ghosts, Skeletons too,
Clowns and Witches all say BOO!
Pumpkins with eyes, shiny and bright,
Make us shiver with FRIGHT!
Halloween, Halloween, We LOVE Halloween!

That's the song that Todd's family sings every Halloween, and I love it!  We sure LOVE Halloween over here.  Maybe it's the fact that we owned a funeral home for so long, and we are a little jaded, but Halloween has always been one of our favorite holidays over here!  I love that it's finally getting cooler, and we can finally get out of the house, I also love the costumes, and the make-up, and I LOVE the decorations and making our house look spooky!  And don't get me started on the CHOCOLATE!  Oh my--I need to lay off the chocolate!  I guess my favorite part of Halloween, is it's one of those holidays, where no matter how old you are, you feel like a kid again--and every year that is a nice feeling!  The other thing I love is that my kids LOVE Halloween--and I love that it's one thing that we share!
Anyway, here are some pics before we left to go to our ward's trunk or treat.  Erin was lacking ideas this year for a costume--so she ended up as a football jock--we will do better next year!  Other than that, they all had fun dressing up and I especially had fun with Abby's costume!  Her whole class was supposed to be Mad Scientists, and I got her a white lab coat, and we were just going to tease her hair up real good, but then I was at Savers, and I found an AWESOME straight jacket for only $5!  We made her look super crazy--and I love her pictures!  Her costume was so unique at her costume parade at school--everyone else was basically in the same white lab coat.  Look how she pops up in some of the random pics!  I also was lucky to have my family come into town for the weekend, so my parents & Kimbie were here.  Her kids have been Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for a few years, so they mixed it up a little and did it ZOMBIE style!  They looked great!  Jack was so funny--he wanted make-up as soon as he saw everyone getting it--but then when he looked at himself in the mirror he freaked out a little & started crying!  That's why his makeup looks pretty messed up--but he's still an adorable little hunter!  We had a great time at the party & had a great time handing out candy on Sunday night and talking to our friends and neighbors.  Another FUN Halloween--can't wait for next year!  (BTW--next year Todd and I are dressing up!  So many of our adults in this ward dressed up--I'm getting in on the action next year!  Game on!)
(This is Emie's real life Highland Math Club T-Shirt--she really is quite the NERD--but a cute one!)

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