Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holy Cow! My Ashlie is 5!!

Ashlie turned 5 on the day that we came back from the cabin! It was kinda a stinky birthday, because we cleaned all morning, then got in the car to head home. We did eat lunch with my sister and a few cousins in Payson at a great pizza place--called Pizza Factory (in the Bashas plaza). We love their breadsticks & pizza crust! We didn't get home until around 5, and so we opened presents, and I didn't even have a cake! What a terrible mom! I promised Ashlie that we would take her on a date the next day--just me and dad and her, to make up for it. Our date was awesome--we went to her favorite, Panda Express for dinner, then went to the movie to see "The Princess and the Frog", which was so cute. Ashlie was just so amazed that she got her OWN drink at the movie! That never happens in our family--we always share one or two drinks! I think she had a great time! Let me tell you 5 things that we LOVE about Ashlie:
1. She is SOOO smart! She has had an amazing preschool teacher this year, and she is reading like a pro! I love that she learns things so quickly, and it comes so naturally--she is amazing!
2. She is sweet. She is always thinking of how she can help others. Most of my kids will quickly tell me NO when I ask them to do something--Ashlie always just gets up and helps. I love that!
3. She is stubborn. You might wonder why I include this as things I love about her, but the fact is, this girl is a girl after my own heart, and she's the first child to really give me a run for my money. In fact, in the stubborn meter she might just have me beat...we are in big trouble. But I think if she is stubborn and determined to meet her goals she will go so far in life!
4. She is FUNNY! She tells funny jokes, and has the funniest facial expressions. I am going to miss her around the house next year when she's in kindergarten!
5. She is loving! That girl gives hugs and kisses whenever their needed, and she is loving and kind to her brothers and sisters, especially Jack. She is always looking out for him, and keeping him out of trouble!
Ashlie, we love you so much--and we're so glad you are in our family! Happy Birthday!

Jack saw an airplane!...

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