Monday, May 31, 2010

Preschool Graduate!

Ashlie was our little preschool graduate this year!  Isn't she ADORABLE!  I just love the little graduation gowns and caps!  Ashlie is my little overachiever!  She had a great teacher this year--who I love, Dawn Spier, who taught her SO much!  She is an amazing reader, and just can't get enough of learning in general!  She loves to help Josh with his homework (whether he wants her help or not)--and loves to read Jack books!  I was secretly hoping that Prop. 100 wouldn't pass this year so that I would only have Ashlie in Kindergarten half day!  (Oh, and so I would have a little money left in my pocket that did NOT go to the government...blasted politicians...but that is for another post).  I will miss her helpful nature, and her smiling face around this house next year--although I have no doubt she will be a total teacher's pet next year & her teacher will absolutely LOVE her!  Ashlie, you are AMAZING--and we love you princess!

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