Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Mom--My Fab Hubby...

As you can tell, we made it home okay on Sunday. I never get homesick when I'm on a vacation--except for the day we come home. Then it always seems like it takes like FOREVER to get home. It was a long day of flying with some delays, but we made it home around midnight, unlike my sister Wendy who got stuck staying overnight in Atlanta because of the weather. BTW, did you know that when the airline gives you a "voucher" for a hotel room, it just means that it booked a room for you, not that they pay for it??? I always thought that meant they were paying for your room. Go figure. Poor girl was stuck in a strange city, by herself, overnight, without her suitcase! But the airline did give her a little bag with the "essentials" in it--toothbrush, soap, etc... Ya, that makes up for it! NOT! Sorry sis!
Now, just to say a few words about my AWESOME husband... This was the first time that he actually had off work for a few days to stay home and take care of my kids. I even left him the baby as you know, who is only 5 mos. old, and very much a mommy's boy--he is nursing you know. Not only did he do a great job...he did an exceptional job! He took all 6 kids to an ASU scrimmage game on Thursday, stayed out late and let them go down on the field and meet players. I wish we had pictures--but he took them with his phone, cause I had the camera-darn! They swam and played, and had so much fun with their dad! Then he took them all to church on Sunday--and even told me what the Gospel Doctrine lesson was about--when he was in there with Jack! I don't know how he sat & listened--maybe he was sleeping, but I usually don't even attempt the entire meeting when Todd is out of town! Then, not only that, but my ENTIRE house was spotless, and ALL the laundry was done, so this week I was able to kind of relax and let it go, and it has been SO nice!
So thank you, thank you, thank you, Todd! You are the best husband and father that anyone could ever ask for or want! I am so grateful to have a husband who supports me, even in my feeble efforts, and even though we both know you could do my job better than I can, you still try to be positive, and help me be the best I can be! Most of all, I am grateful that you didn't make me feel guilty for leaving, and you were always positive and encouraging while I was away. You are amazing--and I love you sooo much!
(Now when he is away hunting, I need to read this post a few times before I complain huh??)
Love you babe!

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Kathy P said...

That guy deserves a Klondike Bar! Way to go, Todd!

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