Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day One--Part 2--The Sacred Grove

We headed from the temple over to the Joseph Smith homestead, and the Sacred Grove. This was the highlight of my trip, and such a testimony building experience for me.

We first toured the log home, where Joseph's parents lived with 9 children. To say it is small is an understatement--it is tiny. You could just see what a struggle it must have been back in those days to do the simplest of things, like take a bath, or cook a meal. What a great amount of work these people went through just to get through a day. It really made me stop and ponder the blessings in my life and the conveniences that we enjoy. It was here in one of these rooms that Joseph sat and read and pondered James 1:5, and changed his life forever by deciding to ask. It was here, in one of these rooms that the Angel Moroni appeared, and taught and instructed Joseph on how to bring the true gospel out of the darkness and into the light. Then we went to the frame house that Joseph's brother Alvin was building for his wife and him to live in with their parents when he passed away. It never did get completely finished, and some of it was the original interior. It was so cool to see the replica of the wood box that Joseph kept the gold plates in, and the fireplace that he hid the plates under. It was such a neat feeling to know the significance of this place in history. What an amazing experience. Wouldn't you know it though--the strangest thing happened to me. I took some beautiful pictures of the Sacred Grove, of the trees, and my sisters and mom and I. I got some great shots with the sun shining through the trees just right. I loved those pictures. Then I went to upload pictures from my camera this morning, and they were GONE. I don't know what happened, I know they were there yesterday, but today all of them were gone. The last picture I took was the one right before we went into the grove of trees, and then it skips to the next day. These are the only pictures--out of over 200 that are missing. Todd tried to console me by saying maybe they just weren't meant to be on this blog for some reason--but I'm still bummed! Luckily, my sister and my mom had some great shots as well that didn't get erased.The images are still fresh in my mind however, as is the feeling in my heart as I knelt and prayed in that holy place. That too, is too sacred to share. I will just tell you that I know that the story is true. A young boy prayed in that grove, and he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. What happened there in that grove of trees forever changed the world, and forever changed my life. I am so thankful for a prophet of God, and thankful for this knowledge in my life. What an amazing day!

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