Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day Three--Kirtland, Ohio

Okay, so I'm terrible at Geography--and I had NO idea that Kirtland was only 3 hrs. from New York. Luckily, someone was smart enough to figure that out and we were able to drive there on Saturday morning! We got there around noon, and headed over to the LDS visitor's center and the Newell K. Whitney store and property which the church owns. They had a great movie about the Kirtland era, and the growth of the church in the area. It was so neat to see the part where Joseph Smith walks into Newell K. Whitney's store and says to him, basically, you prayed me here, now what would you have of me? Can you imagine the Prophet coming to your house, or your work and saying that to you? Wow. It was also neat to see how much the early saints sacrificed and struggled to build the 1st temple of this dispensation, and the story of that first temple being dedicated. What an amazing story! The spirit was so strong as it told of Jesus Christ appearing to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in that temple, and telling them that He accepted the offering. It was such a great experience. We went from there to tour the Newell K. Whitney store, and the upper room, which was the School of Prophets. Much of the Doctrine and Covenants was revealed here, including the Word of Wisdom. It was so awesome to be in these places, and to feel of the spirit there. From there, we went over to the Kirtland Temple. The temple is owned by the Community of Christ Church, formerly the RLDS church. It was a splinter group that broke off when the saints moved West. It was interesting to see the visitors center they had set up, it looked exactly like an LDS visitor's center, but just not the same feeling. I don't know--it was just wierd. They showed a movie, the same as at the other place, but it was just a different feeling there, I don't know what it was, I can't really explain it, and I'm not trying to be mean, but I just didn't feel the same spirit. Anyway, when the movie was over, they opened these giant curtains to reveal the Kirtland Temple across a few hundred feet. It is just beautiful, and huge. When you look at the homes these people built, and how small they were, it's just amazing to think of the magnitude of this undertaking. Especially considering how poor many of the people were after selling their homes in New York to travel to Kirtland. We were able to go inside and tour the temple and it was so beautiful. They have really done a good job preserving it, and making it nice. It was amazing to be in a place where we know that Christ Himself appeared. I loved it!We got done touring the temple just in time for dinner--and I was starving--having skipped lunch because we didn't want to miss any of the tours! We saw a brochure for a little place called Mary Yoder's Amish Kitchen so we stopped at this little place in Middleton, Ohio, about 20 minutes from Kirtland. This was a little Amish town, and it was so awesome to see the little horse & buggys traveling down the road. Okay, so I know you aren't supposed to gawk at people, and I think they don't like you to take their picture--but for crying out loud, I'm an Arizona native--and I HAD to do some gawking! I thought this was SO flippin cool to see these people driving down the road. There was even a parking spot for horse and buggys at the restaurant. Look at the driver in one of the pictures, she's like 10 yrs. old! I thought that was funny, apparently you don't need a license to drive a horse & buggy! The restaurant was AWESOME--just home cooked good food. The best part, though, was dessert. I had just stuffed myself, when the waitress told us it was all you could eat dessert. HELLO, are you KIDDING ME??? There were like 15 different homemade pies, brownies, cakes, etc. If I had known this before the meal, I may have just skipped the meal altogether! I ordered the brownie sundae, and check this thing out!! It was SO YUMMY, homemade with frosting and nuts, and ice cream (I'm salivating just remembering this right now)! Unfortunately, that was all I could eat--or I truly would have thrown up I was so full. This place was definitely worth a visit--if only for the dessert alone--and so you can get a glimpse of the Amish. I do think it's cool the way they live--I just don't think I could do it! I mean no electricity--that's crazy! But they do cook good food! Oh, and check out the stop sign going out of the parking lot, is that funny or what?? We also saw some great signs on churches--these ones cracked me up--especially the Moses one! We made it back to our hotel around 10:30--and tried to get some rest--even though we were sad that our trip was almost over.

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Kathy P said...

That is so COOL -- the temple, the brownie -- what an experience. Love the signs!

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