Thursday, August 21, 2008

Book of Mormon Publication Site--

The next stop was the Book of Mormon publication site. It is in the original place, and has been completely restored. Some of the floors and fixtures are original as well. It was so neat to see the tedious process that was used to publish and print books at that time. It is truly a painstaking process, requiring sooo much work! The books were actually hand sewn before being bound. The task of publishing 5,000 of these books was truly a miracle! As with every part of the story of the restoration of the gospel, you could see how the Lord's hand was truly evident in every step of this process. They had some really neat displays, including a copy of one of only about 500 copies of an actual 1st edition Book of Mormon that they think exist now. They had it displayed next to a Bible from the same time period, I thought this was so awesome--they truly do go hand in hand to testify of Jesus Christ. I bought my own copy of a replica 1st edition Book of Mormon to read. It's neat because it reads like a novel--not yet divided into chapters and verses, but just like a regular book. I think it will be neat to read in story form for a change like the early converts did. I am so grateful for the sacrifices that were made to bring this book to light--it has truly helped me in my life in so many different ways.

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