Sunday, August 10, 2008

Top ten reasons I need a new bathtub...

Okay honey, this one's for you! I wanted to take a long hot bath to soak my sore muscles on Friday night after we got home from the lake, the only problem is that my bathtub STINKS! I'm not joking, it's TERRIBLE! We talked about remodeling my bathroom last year, but when we found out it was going to cost as much as a new car we decided against it. But as a tired, worn out, overworked, underpaid, (I'm really milking it aren't I), mother of 6 small children--I NEED a new bathtub! Sometimes a mom just needs a bath! Here we go:

10. My bathtub is oval shaped--now why would you have a tub that is oval shaped? That leaves tons of space on each side of my body that isn't utilized--does that make any sense? No.
9. My bathtub is about 4'10" long. Now, I am 5'5" long, on a good day. That means that all of me doesn't come close to fitting in that dumb bathtub.
8. My bathtub is like 12" deep, I swear! (Okay it might be 20", but it seems like 12.) That is not nearly deep enough to fit all of me that does fit lengthwise , and I can't even contort my body to make all of it fit in.
7. When I do try to do acrobatics to fit all of my large body into that dumb tub, the 12 inches of water starts to overflow and that stupid little drain thing starts draining water out like crazy to make sure that the tub doesn't overflow. Then even less of me is covered.
6. I am a married woman, but I still like to be a little bit modest. Even all of the bubbles in the world is not enough to cover up my nether parts while all of the above is happening, so I am exposed to the world, and it's just not right!
5. Being exposed to the world while you're in the bathtub is not only unattractive--it's COLD!
4. There is no way that for my feet to cover that dumb drain where all that water drains out--I've tried.
3. There are NO JETS! A good bathtub should have jets. Now the kids would agree with me on this one. They would love jets, and so would I. Spoiled...??? You betcha!
2. It's 10 years old--so it's done it's time--lets put it, and me out of it's misery!
1. Because I'm worth it!!!
Emie is sitting here begging me not to publish this post--which makes it even funnier to me so here you go!

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Kathy P said...

I am on your side!!! Good luck on the remodel!

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