Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting rid of the JUNK!

So, every time I move I say it's the last time...I decided it's kinda like having a baby--you forget after awhile what all that pain actually feels like, and you decide it wasn't that bad! Then you do it over again--and decide yes, it actually WAS that bad! I will tell you though-I am absolutely loving going through and getting rid of all of our JUNK! We are having a garage sale tomorrow to get rid of lots of furniture, and stuff we won't be taking with us and so yesterday and today we have been moving stuff around and cleaning things out and it feels to good to just PURGE it all! What a liberating feeling!

Now if only I could just apply this lesson to my life...if I could only PURGE myself of all of the bad habits, all of the worldliness, all of the natural man, wouldn't my life be so great! Maybe once we're through de-junking our house--I can start de-junking my life too! Just a thought I had today.


Sarah and Scott said...

how early is your garage sale?

Tami said...

Hey--when did you start commenting?? Yeah--we'll be up bright and early--at 6 a.m.!

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