Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventures in Moving...

So today started with a phone call, about 10 this morning, and it was from Todd's cell phone.
Guy: "Hi, this is Rick, and I am with the Gilbert Fire Department, I have your husband Todd here, and he has had an accident."
Me: "You mean like a car accident?"
Guy: "No, we are over at your residence, and he was trying to take a mirror off the wall, and it fell and gave him a really good cut down the side of his arm."
Me: "Are you being serious, or are you just joking?"
Guy: "No, ma'am, I am serious. He is in an ambulance, and is on his way to Maricopa Medical Center, do you know where that is?"
Me: "Why would he be going there? Banner Gateway is right there.
Guy: "They have some of the best hand and arm surgeons there, and he will probably need surgery to close the wound. You should probably go to the hospital, and meet him there. We don't want you to come over to the house, there is a lot of blood, and it looks really bad right now. We will clean things up as best we can, but you should go to the hospital."
So this guy gives me directions, but I am still freaking out a little--and part of me still thinks it might be a joke--that's what happens when your husband is always playing little jokes on you--it's like the boy that cries wolf you know. So I called my sister in law, who lives right down the street, and had her go and check it out, and sure enough--fire truck, and lots of blood, just like he said. So I went and got dressed, and left my kids in a rush, and drove out to meet him at the hospital. Do you want to know the worst thing?? When the guy was telling me about all the blood, all I was thinking was--"Holy crap--the new carpet just got put in YESTERDAY!!! Did he bleed all over my new carpet??" Isn't that the worst wife in the world? Man, I have some repenting to do!
So when I got to the hospital, this is what I found--Todd sitting up, smiling, talking to the nurse and giving him all the info. He looked just fine, and the wound was all bandaged up--but he was already on morphine, and feeling okay.

Then, the doctor comes in to remove the bandage and take a look at the wound. Todd was like, "make sure you get a picture--I want it to show people." I have to say, I wasn't prepared for what I saw. I am warning you now--if you have a queasy stomach, or can't handle the sight of blood--do not scroll down!!! The pictures don't even do it justice either because you have to know that there were some little arteries that kept shooting blood all over the place, plus the wound was gushing ALL OVER! It was all I could to to take these pictures and the smell about made me throw up. I can't believe that he had this HUGE gash in his arm and he wasn't sitting there screaming. I think I would have been a wreck--but not my Todd. There was another guy who had a little cut on his hand--and Todd let him have the gurney in the ambulance and just sat up on the bench--even though he lost a TON of blood on my lawn before they even left the house. He has a CRAZY tolerance for pain--and is SO tough that it amazes me. I think if he was the one having the babies, he would have just popped them out and said--"what was the fuss about?" Having said that--check out this gash:

Umm...yeah--that is almost down to the bone people! So they were able to tie off a few of the little arteries that he severed, and clean the wound after numbing it, and just stitched it up. Thank goodness he missed the muscle, and the major arteries, as well as the nerves in his arm. This could have been much worse! I am so grateful for thoughts and prayers that were sent our way today. I know that our Father in Heaven was watching over us today--and am so grateful that Todd is alive and well! He will be grateful as well, since he can't lift anything, and it will be me lugging the boxes all over the new house to unpack! Lucky dog! See--there is a silver lining! All this for a new improved bathroom! I'm so glad he's okay...Love you babe!


Debbie Allen said...

I looked really fast as I thought "oh my gosh!" Poor Todd. I hope he is okay. Just to let you know, I would have thought about the carpet also.

The Morris Family said...

What a post! I was nauseous, Kenny was laughing in the isles, and Ethan was studying the photos over and over again. Hope everybody and everything recovers! (I thought about the carpet, too!)

Sharla said...

Oh my goodness that is one nasty cut. I'm glad he's going to be okay.

Jill said...

Sheesh! Those are some gross pictures! Glad your okay! Thanks for sharing your blog! You have a stinkin cute family!

The Wells Family said...

YUCK....poor Todd. He is a trooper. Great photography. Hope he heals fine..

Kathy P said...

OK -- I totally have a week stomach but my curiousity got the best of me -- now I am going to vomit... YUCK!

So glad he is OK. So glad it wasn't worse.

Call me and I will help you scrub your carpets!

The Queen of Clean might have a good recipe for blood removal.


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