Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have Fun & Be SAFE!

There are 4 couples leaving this morning for Israel--two of Todd's brothers and two sisters and their spouses--and we just want to tell them to have fun & be safe! We are so jealous, and so wish we could go back again with them! What a party when your mom and dad see you guys at the airport! It will be an awesome reunion. They have 21 kids between them who are all being cared for by babysitters this week--so let us know if we can help in any way, and for heaven's sakes be SAFE! We love you guys--and just want to let you know you're in for the trip of a lifetime--an amazing experience! Bob and Sue--we love and miss you! Post tons of pictures of you guys for us to see okay? Love, Todd and Tami

1 comment:

kbhull said...

Wish we were going too!!! (or at least there to help with all the kids)

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