Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!

My mother's day was so GREAT! We had to get up early--our new ward starts at 8 a.m.--(for my feelings on that read HERE!), so I was up by 6:00. The new ward was great, very friendly, and I even knew a few people from when we were in our other Gilbert ward, so that was nice. Even Emie did okay--even though it was totally against her will to go!
When we got home, my little ones insisted I go get back into bed so they could make me a late breakfast and bring it to me, which I was more than happy to do! They made me waffles with strawberries & whipped cream, bacon, and OJ--my favorite. Then they all came in and brought me their little presents they had made. (pictures courtesy of Emie...nice huh?) Joshua made me find his, and we played the hot and cold game. It turned out that he had hid his present under his bed, which I found after I had cleaned TONS of clothes and toys out of there that he had put there when he cleaned his room on Saturday! I wondered how he got it done so quickly! After all these years as a mom, and I still get duped--hello???
I slept all afternoon--literally--which was SO nice! Todd made me my favorite dinner--steak, baked potatoes & biscuits, and everyone worked hard to clean up so the house was semi-clean for today. It was truly a perfect day in every way. The only thing that could make Mother's day better??? If it fell on LAUNDRY DAY! This is what I am dealing with today:

Back to real the trenches...(that comes from my new favorite book on motherhood--which I finished today, find it HERE!)

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Kathy P said...

I got steak and potatoes too -- and snow crab legs!!!

I love Mother's Day... my poor hubby spends a few days recovering.

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