Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Confessions of a Teenage Babysitter...

So I left Emie home to babysit yesterday while I went to Erin's softball game, and Todd went to Abby's game, frankly because I'm so tired of dragging the whole family to games this season--and Jack was a pill yesterday and I needed a BREAK! So I'm sitting at Erin's game and I get a text from Emie who's trying to get the children to help clean up so they can get into the bathtub.

Emie: "Your children are ridiculously lazy."
Me: "No kidding!"

Then I'm just sitting there laughing out loud at my poor Emie stuck at home with my crazy kids--because I needed a BREAK! So I stop by McDonalds on the way home to get a little treat for her for babysitting, and I get home and she comes out to the car so I could take her friend home and we drop her off and this is our conversation on the way home:

Emie: "Can we just drive around for a little while?"
Me: "Why?"
Emie: "I just don't want to go back there yet!"
Me: (laughing) "Why?"
Emie: "Mom, those kids have been driving me crazy all night! I just can't go back there yet. Please, can you just drive around the block or something, anything to not have to go back in there yet...
Me: (feeling guilty leaving Todd with the kids when I know it's bedtime...) "I have to go back now can go down to your room and you don't have to deal with the kids anymore."
Emie: "I just don't even want to HEAR them mom--I can't take it anymore today! They're driving me crazy"
Me: (laughing out loud at how many times I have felt this way--like I wanted to just run away!) Sorry, Em, we have to go home, but you can sit out here in the car as long as you want for some peace and quiet.
Emie: "ugh, fine."

So I walk in to the house, and she stays in the car texting her friend (I'm sure telling her what a crappy night she just had--and her terrible lot in life to be the oldest child!), until a few minutes later Todd realizes at scripture study time that Emie is no where to be found.

Todd: "Where's Emie."
Me: "Out in the car."
Todd: "Why?"
Me: "She doesn't like being the mom just yet! She's sick of the kids and taking a quiet break, (I usually sit in the bathroom for those, it's too hot in the car!).

So Todd made her come in and read scriptures with us--and then she was so happy to retire to her own room and even went to bed early tonight! Maybe she needs to babysit more often...(NOT!)
Seriously, Emie, you're the best (and Erin too, cause I know you feel this way too)! I know you babysit your brothers and sisters WAY too much--but I really do appreciate you and the great job you do. I know that Jack is WAY too whiny and he drives you crazy--but he loves you so much! I know that Ashlie and Josh are SO lazy--but they need you to help them learn how to be awesome like you are! You guys didn't get that way by accident you know--you had the best babysitter--ME!


Tawni said...

Poor girl! I was the 2nd oldest, and only 13 mths from the oldest, and my mom had 8, so that was me MANY MANY times!
And believe me, my mom's kids were CRAZY & HARD & horrible!
I feel for her! Just remind her that she will have lots of babysitters when she has kids. I can't take advantage of that one cuz my mom moved away after I got married.

My Spiritual Thoughts said...

keep it em, i feel the EXACT SAME WAY!!!!

Kathy P said...

Ha -- Poor Spencer gets the same thing... all the time. We make him babysit so much I think Bekah thinks he is one of the parents. And he gets worn out too...

I am glad I was never the oldest in my family. :)

Huston Family said...

I know it's hard not to feel guity when the older kids are expected to help out, but the fact is, the prophet has asked us to teach our children to do hard things. The world is tough, and it's going to get tougher. Our children need to work in the yard, babysit, clean toilets, anything that teaches them to work. Sorry Em, but it's good for you!

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