Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kindergarten Graduate!

Joshua graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday, and looked so handsome! He has had such a great year--and a great beginning to his school career! Thank you so much Mrs. Heinrick! This has been a hard year for this special teacher--she was getting ready to retire this year after 30 years of teaching, when her husband passed away suddenly. It was such a tragedy for the school and the community. Mr. Heinrick was also a substitute teacher, and all of the kids just loved him so much. She was able to come back in and finish out the year with a positive attitude, and a smile on her face, even though I know inside her heart must've been broken. I am so grateful for good teachers! Joshua, we are so proud of you buddy--you are reading like a pro, and your writing has really improved a ton this year! You are always well behaved in class, and that makes mom and dad so happy when your teachers tell us that you are a great kid! We love you so much dude! Here's to only 12 more years!

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