Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Season DONE!

Emie's last game was last night--another softball season, come and gone! I was so proud of Emie for sticking with it this season. And contrary to what you might think from the above picture taken after they lost a game (which might be my most favorite of the whole season-she's so stinkin funny!) she is NOT a loser! She had a ginormous softball team--18+ players, ranging in age from 13 up to 17, so none of them got a ton of playing time, and being at the bottom of the pecking order meant she only played 2 or 3 innings of every game. She also had to stretch herself this year, and play outfield--which was new for her. I was proud that she didn't complain (I can't say the same for myself) and would just do what the coach told her to. She's not one to complain about much--she just makes the best of things and has fun. Her hitting toward the end of the year was just amazing--considering some of the girls pitch over 60 mph in this division! All in all, she was with a fun group of girls--and had a great time playing a game that she loves! We loved watching you're the best!

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