Saturday, October 25, 2008


Headless Horseman!
Emie's birthday party was last night and we took the girls to Rawhide Doomtown. They had 2 haunted houses--(which I do NOT like much--I'm such a big chicken, and have issues with my personal space--but it was fun anyway) and a couple of shows and fun activities. This was the girls after the first haunted house--SCARY!!! I think all the girls had a good time. They had an awesome show with a crazy mortician (my mortician is a lot cuter!)--showing us how to prepare the dead for burial. It was full of fake blood and guts--and I thought a few of the girls were going to either throw up or pass out. You should've seen the look on some of their faces! So funny! Luckily, they made it through it alive! Then we got to try our hand at bull riding--YEE HAW! Emie and I were the only ones who actually got bucked off--go figure. Sorry Em, I guess our family isn't cut out for bull riding! Todd was dying listening to all of the conversations and watching the girls flirting with and gawking at every boy they saw. I've been a 13 year old girl--so I kinda know where they are coming from--but he was like WOW--do they just flirt with every boy that breathes??? Apparently! J/K Emie! Afterward, we went to Applebees for dessert. This group of girls is such a great group! I'm so glad that Emie has such great friends! It was lots of loud, crazy, giggly FUN! Congrats Emie on making it to 13! We love you!


Sharla said...

Emie, it looks like you had so much fun! I hope you had a happy birthday. Oh, to be young again and have your whole life ahead of you. You're a wonderful girl! I loved getting to know you in YW.

And, Tami, look at you go on that mechanical bull! You look like one of the teenagers!

Huston Family said...

Haha!! I look great in some of those don't I?? Well we had a lot of fun!!!

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