Friday, October 17, 2008

Party Time!!!

Josh's new racing bike! (Pray for him!)
We had the gang from the neighborhood, and a couple of cousins come for Josh's last minute (sorry neighbors--I am so unorganized!) birthday party at Amazing Jakes. He has been dying to go there--and we have never been, so it was TONS of fun! Two things I learned--One, if you're gonna go to Amazing Jakes, plan on spending LOTS of time there! There is so much to do if you buy the unlimited games! We got there at 5:30, and easily could've stayed until midnight if they would have let us--and it wasn't a school night! Two, go in the afternoon, and take advantage of the all you can eat buffet. You can eat lunch, play, then eat dinner, play some more and then go home and your kids will pass out! My sister-in-laws did this recently and the kids had a blast! I thought we would go the next time there's an early release day!
The boys were so much fun, and so well behaved. The rides weren't crowded at all and it was so fun to see the pure joy on their faces as they ran free in that place! It's like a boys dream in there! The games with the guns were their favorite--(sorry moms, but it's true!). And Josh got many new weapons from his friends to put in his arsenal! The boys are into hunting right now, so it's so funny to watch them run around pretending to hunt, and talk about what they "bagged" that day. I just love these dang boys! The other funny thing was to see the looks on their faces on the bumper cars as they rammed each other! They were so determined and like UUUUGH as they drove those things. It was so funny!
Watching them bowl was hilarious as well! We're lucky no one got a ball dropped on their toe! Ashlie had a great time too, she got off the teacups and says to me, "that dumb ride makes me so seasick"! She's so stinkin cute.
So thanks parents for letting your boys come! Josh had a blast, and I hope that it wasn't too hard to tear your boys out of their beds in the morning for school! You only live once right!?! As for Amazing Jakes--two thumbs up! We'll be back for sure!

These faces were priceless!


Natalie said...

These neighborhood boys crack me up. They are so cute! I'm glad you had fun at Amazing Jakes. My kids love that place too. I get a little overwhelmed by the noise and chaos after a while. I always am ready to leave before my kids are.

Erin said...

Love the photos...very serious faces! Thanks for taking Max, he can't stop talking about it!!

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