Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mighty Hunter...

My hubby loves to hunt. He looks forward to this time of year every year. This week is his first opportunity to hunt and he is SO excited! Now, I grew up with a dad who loved to hunt, and he always offered to bring us girls with him, but I never went along. It just never was something I cared to do. When Todd and I got married, I thought I would give it a try. Maybe I was really missing out on something, and besides, I wanted to be with him every second--I mean we were newly married and you can't bear to be without each other for like one minute! So, Todd took me out deer hunting for a weekend soon after we were married. Can I just tell you that I have never been so bored in my life!?!?
First of all, you have to be quiet when you hunt, it's kinda like a requirement. You can't even whisper. So for HOURS, we walked around and my husband kept shushing me. Not only because I would whisper--(I couldn't stand it)--but because I would step on twigs, or leaves, or something and make noise. Somehow, only MY shoes made noise, never Todds!
Second, hunting is DIRTY! You get really dirty, and you have to crouch down in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time and wait for something to happen. It happened to be really HOT that day as well, so I remember smelling like B.O. like I never had before. EWWW. Todd never smells like B.O.--seriously, he is the best smelling guy. But that is getting off track. Anyway...
Third, did I mention that you can't TALK AT ALL??? It was like some kind of slow, painful torture to stay quiet for that long. I was ready to kill myself by hour two--and I'm sure that a deer wasn't all that Todd was thinking of killing by that time either! It's funny cause men are perfectly okay with spending a day together, and like NEVER talking to one another. For me, that feels like awkward silence--for him it's PEACE!
The other bad thing is that you have to get up at the CRACK OF DAWN in order to hunt. I am NOT a morning person--in fact I'm not even nice to anyone until about 10 a.m.. So when you wake me up at 4--that's a good 6 hours until I can even manage to wipe that scowl off my face and actually break a smile. And it's a good thing I can't talk, because the way I feel I probably wouldn't have anything nice to say anyway.
Needless to say, my first time hunting was also my last. We both agree that I am NOT a hunter--and Todd is as happy as I am that I would rather him go by himself. Football is a passion that we share--hunting is NOT!
When Todd goes hunting, he'll stay with a bunch of guys like in a dirty cabin, and not shower for days. They eat a diet of sunflower seeds and beef jerky and get up at the crack of dawn and hunt ALL day. If they do shoot something, they spend like HOURS trying to drag its dirty, bloody, heavy carcass to wherever they parked the truck. Then they get home exhausted, and go to bed and do it all over again. They do it in rain, or sun, or sleet or snow. I mean does that say vacation to you?? It sounds to me like ALOT of WORK! All this to kill an animal that you can hopefully pay someone to stuff and hang it on your wall (but not on MY wall--that would cause a big D if you know what I mean). Todd will tell you it's for the meat to feed the family--but we won't eat it--so it's a bunch of crap!
I don't know why he loves it, but he does. And maybe someday, if times get rough, I'm gonna be glad that I have a mighty hunter for a husband so my family doesn't starve to death. (Although, I hope if that happens he can hunt for cows--they're alot easier to kill, because they stand still, and I really like cow meat!) I am happy for him--he deserves a little time away from the kids too, and if he'd rather spend it in the wilderness than on the beach--that just tells you he's a REAL man's man right?? Go get 'em babe! Happy Hunting!

Hunting antelope in Wyoming with my dad last year!

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Natalie said...

My dad is a hunter. I could never understand what was so great about a hunting trip. He never invited me or my sisters. It was always a guy thing. Luckly, I never wanted to go. After reading your post, I can understand how fortunate I was to have missed those trips.

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