Monday, September 29, 2008

Cedar Point Ohio...

Friday morning, Todd and I left for Ohio with Todd's sisters Katie and Kari, and their husbands for a little weekend getaway to Cedar Point theme park near Sandusky, Ohio. This theme park has 4 of the fastest and best roller coasters in the United States--(so says the Travel Channel--). We had such a great time on all the rides. We had a babysitter for the kids, but I decided to take Jack at the last minute since he was sick, and I didn't know how he would do. My sister in law had her baby also, so it was great. It turned out that the babies were our lifesaver--as we were able to get baby swap passes that got us on the rides much faster. These were some of my favorite rides--
The Raptor--was one of those ones where your legs are dangling and it makes super tight loops and twists. This was awesome--but gave me a little bit of a headache!
The Magnum--was one of the smoothest rides--it goes up 205 feet, and goes 72 miles per hour--AWESOME!
The Mantis--was really fast and went upside down several times--it was cool because you stand up, I've never been on one like that before.
The Maverick--was one of the newest roller coasters--this thing brought you up really high, then dropped straight down almost a 90 degree angle right toward the water. AWESOME!
The Max Air--you can't tell in this picture but it's like a big pendulum swinging back and forth with this thing on the end of it with the people, and you spin at the same time. It reaches 70 miles per hour and goes up 140 feet into the air--SCARY!!!
Power Tower--these just kill me--I hate that free fall feeling. This one was cool though, it had one side that was free fall--and the other side started you at the bottom and shot you up to the top 240 feet. Not my favorite but fun none the less!
Millenium Force--This was by far my favorite roller coaster--it was fast, 92 miles per hour, and drops you down 310 feet at an inverted angle. It took your breath away. What a rush!!!
Top Thrill Dragster--This was my other favorite--but also the scariest! This thing goes 0-125 miles per hour in under 4 seconds--climbs 410 feet into the air and drops you down at a 90 degree angle while twisting you to the other side. The whole ride takes 17 seconds--and fair warning--make sure you use the restroom FIRST!!! What a ride!
I have tons of pictures to post--but they will have to wait until tomorrow--I am still on East coast time, and I'm TIRED!!!


Kathy P said...

ugh - I am already motion sick just from reading this. I am glad you had fun. I think the "small world" ride at Disneyland is more my speed. :-)

Natalie said...

That looks like so much fun! The roller coasters I have done seem small after looking at these. One day Dave and I will have to try these.

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