Friday, September 12, 2008

I can't SLEEP!

Okay, so Todd is hunting this week and I am going crazy because when he is gone I can't SLEEP! Seriously, I have the hardest time going to bed and falling asleep. I worry that the door wasn't locked--and I check them like 10 times, or I hear a noise and check on the kids 10 times, then I lay there and toss and turn and my dreams are like INSANE! Seriously, I have some of the weirdest dreams, where I wake up like, "WHAT???" It's so weird--how did I ever sleep when I was single? I guess I just don't remember it's been so long! 15 years this year, can you believe it? I just miss my hubby--I need him next to me when I sleep. It's not like we cuddle either--we are not the snuggly type. He turns over one way, and I turn over the other way and say goodnite. Sometimes we will just touch the other with our foot, just to say "hey--love ya", but that's it. It's just comforting to me to know that he's here, and I'm safe, and hearing him breathe in and out is enough to lull me into my deep sleep. Tonight, he's not here--so here I am, blogging at 1 a.m.--I tried sleep, but it's not gonna come easily tonight. Love you babe & miss you! Now I'm off to take a Benadryl--and hope for good dreams!

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Tawni said...

That's no fun!
Yes, Hunting season is here, don't you just love it!
Brian is also gone this weekend, scouting for a hunt, and I spent the morning in the emergency room with all 3 kids.
Saige is fine now, just croupe again and she couldn't breathe.

It's just way nicer having them home!!

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