Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cedar Point Pt. 2

Okay, so now that I have more time--this was seriously the funnest trip EVER! I haven't laughed that much in my life! We flew into Cleveland airport and rented a minivan to get us to Sandusky, Ohio which is 5 minutes from Cedar Point. Let me just tell you if you have ever thought about buying a former rental car--DON'T!!! I could give you 100 reasons--mostly just that you have crazy people like my husband, that peel out at every intersection and drive like a crazy person in a rental car. We seriously had to take dramamine just to drive for the day with Todd! For those of you who have driven with Todd, I can only tell you it's even WORSE!

We were a little concerned with our hotel choices in Sandusky--since there were only 1 or 2 star hotels to choose from...(or two hair hotels if you ask my sister in law!). We stayed at the Comfort Suites hotel--which was just okay for sleeping in--I'm sure there are worse hotels out there, but this one was far from glamorous. The worst thing that happened at the hotel was the second night when we got back at 1 a.m. from the theme park, Katie and Shaun walked into their room and almost died from the 120 degree heat. Their air conditioner was spewing out hot air the whole time we were gone. On the bright side--maybe that's why Katie lost weight while we were there, and I gained 5 pounds! Way to sweat it off in the sauna Katie!

Speaking of gaining weight--this trip was all about the FOOD! No, I'm just kidding, I only said that to make my mom laugh! We did eat some great nachos at this place called Qdoba though, and both nights after going on roller coasters all day--we would hit a place at midnight for a great snack--(okay, more like a late night binge!)! The first night it was Applebees--and the next night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Those were some awesome wings--we got like 5 different sauces. YUM!

On Sunday we had some time to kill in the morning before catching our flight so we went to Kirtland, which is only 20 minutes from Cleveland to see the sights. We didn't get to take a tour of the temple, it was full, so we just walked around the grounds and took pictures. But we did get to see the movie at the LDS visitors center and we ran into some missionaries that Katie recognized as being a couple from Richfield, Utah where they grew up. Brother and Sister Christensen were awesome and took us on a short tour of the sites at Kirtland so we could still get out of there and catch our plane. They said to say HI to Bob and Sue! These missionaries are so great! We love couple missionaries!

What a fun trip! I told Todd, these are the trips that make me feel young again! You have to do that once in awhile! Thanks Kohn, Kari, Katie, Shaun, Billy & Kristy for an awesome time! You guys are so much fun--I'm so glad to be part of such a great family!

Top Speed Dragster looking up from the bottom--this thing is CRAZY high!
We had so much fun with Jack--he's such a good baby, he just went with the flow!
Look at the bugs Shaun smashed on one of the rides--he was the windshield!
My sweet little nephew Wrigley--he's two weeks younger then Jack.
The parking lot was literally COVERED in Sea Gull poop (the park is right next to lake Erie)--I have never seen so much bird poop in all my life. The first night we drove out of the parking lot and it was covered with thousands of sea gulls--Todd couldn't stand it so he took off and drove through them as fast as he could. We weaved back and forth and sent them all flying. It was so funny.
Jack the navigator!
Todd and I by one of the wooden roller coasters--some of these were really old and really rough!
Going over the top!
My little niece Lainey--isn't she adorable!
Todd and I in Kirtland.
Brother and Sister Christensen!
Our whole group in Kirtland...AWESOME!

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kbhull said...

We had so much fun!!!
Thanks for taking all the pitures!~
I had to put some on my blog:)

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