Friday, November 7, 2008

Turkey Disguise...

For Joshua's homework this week, his teacher sent a turkey home for us to "disguise", so that he could hide and not be eaten on Thanksgiving. This is such a fun project. Last year's turkey was an ASU football player. I wish I had a picture of that one--it was super cute. This year, Josh wanted to make a mighty hunter turkey. We used camouflage fabric for his t-shirt, and made him a bright orange vest. Then we used some fake leaves I had in my junk cupboard for the "feathers". We even made him a little wooden bow out of a twig and some dental floss. We couldn't make an arrow however--Josh said, "No--no weapons at school!"
The cutest thing was, we just read last night in the Book of Mormon the story of Nephi and how he broke his bow, so he made a new one out of wood. Joshua was really interested in that story, once he learned that Nephi and his brothers had to hunt for all of their food in the wilderness. He sat and listened--(believe me, a rare occurence), and was actually interested in learning what happened. When we made the wooden bow for his little turkey he said to me, "That's just like Nephi made his own bow." YEAH! Once in awhile things DO sink in when we read the scriptures--even with a little 6 year old! Anyway, check out our mighty hunter! The other pic was just Josh messing around a few days ago, he's such a funny kid! Have I mentioned I love this boy??

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Kathy P said...

I don't know, Tami, doesn't a turkey hefting Nephi's bow violate some district policy at the school?

What a cute turkey!

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