Saturday, November 15, 2008

Interesting Read--

I read this article: CLICK HERE on Meridian Magazine's website today, and found it very interesting. It is an LDS police officer who works for the LAPD who has witnessed the Prop. 8 controversy first hand, from the beginning. It is so interesting the turn that this issue has taken, and the persecution that the LDS people are facing in the Los Angeles area especially. I especially liked his reference to Elder Hales conference talk where in part he says:

“I would say that one of mortality's great tests comes when our beliefs are questioned or criticized. In such moments, we may want to respond aggressively – to put up our dukes . But these are important opportunities to step back, pray, and follow the Savior's example. Remember, Jesus Himself was despised and rejected by the world. And in Lehi's dream, those coming to the Savior also endured ‘mocking and pointing … fingers' (1 Nephi 8:27). ‘The world hath hated [my disciples],' Jesus said, ‘because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world' (John 17:14). But when we respond to our accusers as the Savior did, we not only become more Christlike, we invite others to feel His love and follow Him as well.

“To respond in a Christlike way cannot be scripted or based on a formula. The Savior responded differently in every situation. When He was confronted by wicked King Herod, He remained silent. When He stood before Pilate, He bore a simple and powerful testimony of His divinity and purpose. Facing the moneychangers who were defiling the temple, He exercised His divine responsibility to preserve and protect that which was sacred. Lifted up upon a cross, He uttered the incomparable Christian response: ‘Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do' (Luke 23:34).”

We have often been instructed to love our enemies, and despite the current horror of our trials, this is no time to do differently.

In another post HERE, it was certainly my first reaction to "put up my dukes". In the times to come, however, when we feel this way, I have a feeling we will need to keep this counsel in mind.

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Kathy P said...

This whole thing is unbelievable. I imagine Heavenly Father is so sad...

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