Friday, November 14, 2008

On a Walk...

So I dropped Ashlie off at her little playgroup today--which I LOVE by the way! Some ladies in my ward and I got our 3 and 4 year old girls together for a playgroup--and there are 8 of us--which I thought might be too many girls, but they are all so sweet, and they have so much fun together! Best of all, we get 2 1/2 extra hours on Friday for errands--and only have to have it at our house once every 2 months--AWESOME! I decided to take Jack and go for a walk around my neighborhood. It's funny--I don't think I've actually been on many walks since we moved to this house 3 years ago. I usually use the treadmill if I exercise at all. Boy am I missing something! Here are a few things I learned on my little 45 minute walk this morning:
1. My stroller (which is new with Jack BTW), pretty much sucks! That thing has the squeakiest wheels--and it drove me crazy the whole time. The wheels are wobbly as well. Granted, I bought the cheapest stroller/carseat combo I could find--since this is most likely the last baby--so I guess you get what you pay for! Bring on the WD-40!
2. Jack LOVES the outdoors. He didn't make a peep the entire time--and he sat forward and was looking all around at everything the whole time. I thought maybe he'd fall asleep--since he was up all night and up early again this morning--but no luck.
3. My legs itch really bad when I am exercising--does anyone else have this problem? I get home and look at my legs and they have like claw marks in them from me scratching them so hard. It's enough to drive me crazy!
4. There are LOTS of moms out there exercising--I am not alone in trying to get in better shape. Todd keeps getting mad at me for sharing on here about my struggle to get in shape and eat right--but I don't think I'm the only one doing it. I think every woman struggles at some point in her life with this issue. We all want to look a little better, and feel a little better, and the struggle is the same--I'm just posting so I have some accountability--not so people feel sorry for me or something. And yes, I am aware that people have real problems--and mine are very petty--I know!
5. Walking by the school, I saw a 6th grade class out playing flag football. It's funny to watch this age of kids. When you are a 6th grade boy--you are running around frantically trying to get your hands on the ball--you don't care who's in your way. When you are a 6th grade girl, you are in a group of 1 or 2 other girls at ALL times--and running to get out of the way of the ball at all costs, all the while giggling and whispering about the geeky (but secretly you think they're cute), sweaty 6th grade boys (who are secretly trying to show off for you). 6th grade is one I would NOT want to repeat!
6. Even at 8 months old, a little boy is completely fascinated with a dump truck. He was giggling and squealing, trying to stand up to get a better look at it. I can hear him now..."Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a dump truck driver..." What is it with men and BIG trucks? It's definitely in their genetic make-up.
7. The Arizona weather right now is FABULOUS! I love the cool mornings, and the still warm, but not too hot afternoons! THIS is why I live here! (By October I had almost forgotten!)
8. Even though it's cool, if you're gonna walk for 45 minutes you should probably bring a water bottle. Little Jack wasn't even walking and he was dying of thirst when we got home--he drank 8 oz., which he never does! Oops...sorry baby!
9. It's murphy's law--Jack fell asleep right when we got to our street, and woke up when I took him out of his stroller to go lay him down. So much for that idea! He was good though so I can't complain!
10. I need to get OUT more! Exercising is not such a bad thing--and I still had time to blog when I got home. No time yet for a shower though--oh well! First things first...


Kathy P said...

I still can't get over the fact that you had time to yourself and you decided to EXERSISE! I really need to get a better attitude I guess. Good for you. oh -- and my legs always itch too when I walk or run -- something to do with circulation I guess.

Erin said...

If you keep at it, your legs will stop itching, it is actually a good thing!! So, Way to get itching legs!

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