Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday...Laundry Day!

Mondays are like the worst...seriously, my house looks like a bomb went off in it! Monday is also my laundry day--THE laundry day in my house, since I refuse to do laundry any other day. It is getting to where I need to add an extra day for laundry, since I have so many kids, but I absolutely refuse to be miserable doing laundry more than one day out of my week. Last Thursday, my cleaning crew came in and the house was spotless--for about the 3 hours they were here. It seems like it only takes us a few minutes to start junking it up again after they leave. You might think that's a waste of money, but it just gives me peace of mind that once every two weeks my house is completely sanitary! I know that having so many kids at home all day, especially during the summer, I need to be able to let some things go, or I'm going to drive myself crazy. I just want my kids to remember having a fun mom--not a clean house. It's hard to do both! Now, I need to get off the computer and back to the stupid laundry! TTFN

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