Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let's GO!

Southern California Beach Club!

I'm so ready to get out of town and get on vacation--you don't even know! It seems like forever since we've been on vacation. I missed spring break in Mexico because Jack was born 2 weeks before spring break, so it's been since before Christmas that I've been on a vacation. That vacation was our ski vacation, which turned out to be not much fun since I fell off the lift (7 months preggo) and killed my tailbone and could barely get around! So I can't wait for the BEACH! We stay in this little timeshare place in Oceanside called the Southern California Beach Club, and it's right on the beach. It's by far one of my favorite places in the world. Todd's parents have been going there over 15 years now. Emie took her first steps there, and there are so many memories with each of my children there. There have been times when we have fit up to 15-20 people in one of the rooms! It's certainly not a luxurious place, it's old, and the rooms are small, but my kids love it. The best part is that we hardly ever leave. We go to the beach all day, every day, and the kids have a blast! It's so relaxing for me and we don't have to walk around a theme park and spend alot of money for them to have fun. We are leaving Sunday--and I have a mountain of laundry to do to get packed before we go, but I'm SO excited! I hear the ocean calling......LET'S GO!!

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