Friday, December 30, 2011

Todd is 40! WOW!...

So, I remember a few years ago, Todd and I were talking about how crazy it was that we had friends (and brothers and sisters) that were "in their 40's".  Holy old!  When you think about leaving your 30's and entering your 40's, it feels pretty old, and I have to admit, it has come up on us pretty dang fast! This year has been a year of new beginnings, though, and it's fitting to have my husband officially begin his "middle age" years.  I'm just glad he gets to go first, and it's not me for a few years!  40, WOW, that's OLD!

Since I had already taken Todd to Guns & Roses for his birthday, we spent the day with the kids.  We got him a QT donut cake, and nearly sent the house up in flames trying to light the 40 candles!  That's a LOT of candles for a few donuts!  Luckily, he blew them all out pretty quick, and there was just a haze large enough to set off the smoke alarms in the house.  Also lucky (?) our smoke alarms are all sans battery at the moment--and have been for a month or two.  Gosh, we need to get that fixed--but first things first!

Todd opened up his gifts, and what would you suppose the kids wanted to get him?  FIREWORKS!  I have a feeling now that fireworks are legal in this great state of AZ, this will be an annual tradition!  I asked the kids to pitch in $10 of their own money for the big pack that was $60, and Josh says to me, "Can I give you $50 and get the big one for him myself?"  Haha, like father like son I guess.  We had a great time lighting all of the fireworks off on New Years Eve at Chris & Cindy's, and I'll tell you what, I don't think there's much that brings a boy (big or small) more joy than lighting something on fire, and watching it blow up!  The boys couldn't get enough of it!  I have pictures of that too...but those are for later.  That night, we went to Red Robin with the kids to celebrate, and live it up for the last few days before we start trying to eat right in the new year.  Not sure that is very effective--but what can I say?  It's a tradition!  I wanna wish this guy, the best husband and father in the world, a HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!  Thanks Todd, for being AMAZING, and for being YOU, and most of all for putting up with ME, and making me the happiest woman on earth (most of the time..haha)!  I love you sweetheart--live it up--before you know it, another 40 years will have come and gone!  OH MY!

Woo Woo!  The most handsome 40 year old around...and he's MINE!  Love you babe!  :)

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