Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!...

This year, we put the presents under the tree in the family room, like usual, thinking Santa would follow suit, but he must've been in a real hurry, since he left the presents under the tree by the fireplace.  The kids were happy to have presents by BOTH trees to open! 

We opened up mom & dad gifts, and grandparents gifts first...Jack was NOT a happy camper, since most of those gifts were clothes.  Everytime he opened a pair of pants or a shirt, he would throw it and cry.  Nice, huh?  Then, he found a Wii game under there from Grandma & Grandpa Metzger, and it made it all better. 


Then, we moved into the living room to open SANTA GIFTS!  YAY!

 I bought Todd a GUN!  Don't worry...it's not loaded!  :)  He was so impressed! 
First time I ever bought something he liked! 

 This was Todd's Birthday/Christmas gift--Guns & Roses tickets!!!  They were in Phoenix 2 days after Christmas!  This is Todd's all time favorite band--but he was never allowed to see them in concert (wonder why?)...Haha.  He was really excited!

Later that afternoon, after the mess was cleaned up, I set to work making our Christmas tradition, German Stollen.  (The recipe/tutorial is HERE...).  By the time I actually got around to doing the baking part, though, all the kids were sound asleep--so Ashlie was the only one who wanted to help me!  Thank goodness, she was there to help me, what a sweet girl! Don't you love her cute apron? Of course, Jack was there for moral support--but I wouldn't let him touch the food. Don't know where that guys hands have been these days!  Ha!   What a great day!  Have I mentioned that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!?  Well, I do.


Merry Christmas to ALL!  Hope 2012 treats you well!  :)

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Kelsey Stenquist said...

I love your family Tam! You guys are so cute!

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