Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Emie's Winter Formal / FIRST DATE!!!!....

Emie and her friends decided to ask some guys to Winter Formal a few weeks ago, and I'm not quite sure if they knew what they were getting into.  This was to be the first date for all 3 of them, so they were a little clueless about how to go about preparing & pulling it off.  Live and learn.  I'm sure Emie will look back at this post years from now and laugh about how it all went down!  It started with this:

The guy Emie was asking, Ryan, has a collection of panda bears, so Emie made some fortune cookies, put the letters to her name inside them, and he had to unscramble them to figure out who was asking him.  Not to hard, considering her name is all of 4 letters right?  Then, this was how he answered her:
He had a pizza delivered to our door for Emie, that said YES!  All of us were happy about that one!  So cute!  So the week of the dance was here, and we had bought the dress, the jewelry, the shoes, but I still couldn't get out of Emie what they were planning on actually doing for the date.  She kept saying, "We'll figure it out mom, don't worry about it".  But I was a little worried, since they had never planned a date before, and they didn't seem to have anything put together.  So the night before the dance, they had their dates meet them at our neighborhood party, since that meant free dinner for all of them, and they didn't have to cook anything or pay for it.  Worked out great since we have an awesome block party, with catered food and everything.  Then they were planning on making glow in the dark T-shirts, and playing glow in the dark golf at her friends house.  When I asked Emie before the party if she had painted her shirts yet, she was like, "No, I'll just come home after I eat dinner at the party & make them".  Ummm...you know those paints take like 4 hours to dry you know...  So her and Erin came home after eating dinner and painted them last minute, then dried them with a blow dryer--and I am thinking, Oh my--this poor kid totally has my genes doesn't she?  She waits until the last minute to do EVERYTHING!  So they go to play glow in the dark golf, but low and behold the golf balls aren't glow in the dark--so no one can see them.  So Emie's friend's dad, bless his heart goes out to get them glow in the dark bouncy balls last minute at 10:30 so they can play their game.  Here are some pictures they took of their Friday night date--it looks like they had a fun time anyway (and those last minute T's turned out so stinkin cute!)!:

Emie came home from her Friday night date, and didn't look too hot.  She said she wasn't feeling well--which was horrible, since we had 3 out of 6 kids throwing up this last week, so she went to bed feeling horrible.  Josh threw up that night, and when I talked to Emie in the morning, I found out she had gotten up 4 or 5 times that night to barf.  Oh my.  I told her to go back to bed, and rest up, and hopefully she wouldn't remember her first date because she barfed on her poor date.  She slept and rested until about 4 p.m., and her friend Taylor came over to wake her up, and get Cinderella (barfy-Cinderella in this case) ready for her ball.  Thank goodness for Taylor and their other friend Whitney.  They spent hours getting all of these girls ready, doing their hair (and Emie's make-up) for the dance.  They all looked adorable!  Here's the pics of them after getting ready--look at this gorgeous hair and makeup!:

I was laughing while they were getting ready, because the guys were texting them, asking them what the plans were.  They still weren't too sure.  They were actually going to have their dates come over and meet them at Kenna's house where they were having dinner, until I broke it to them that they actually needed to go over to their dates houses and pick them up so that the boys parents could take some pictures of them, meet them, etc.  Too funny.  When I asked Emie that morning what they were doing for dinner, she still didn't know either.  Plan A was to bring them to one of their houses and whip up some Mac and Cheese, so they didn't have to spend money taking them to dinner.  I busted up laughing when she told me that!  Now those genes she gets from her DAD (the cheap, don't wanna spend any $$ on a date genes, I mean).  I was like--really Em, you're going to prepare Mac and Cheese in your formal dresses?  I offered to make them dinner, but Kenna's dad Scott also offered--and he had steaks, so Todd jumped at that, and also invited us over to have dinner with them!  I'm sure they were thrilled!  (Haha, I'm kidding--kind of).  Thank goodness the parents stepped in and rescued dinner guys--or you would have had Mac & Cheese!  These girls cracked me up doing everything last minute--and the cheapest way possible.  It was like 3 guys planning the date!  Hey guys--you know now that these are 3 LOW maintenance girls!  The best kind of girls to date are the ones that don't mind Mac & Cheese for dinner! Taco Bell would be a step UP!  :)  To her credit--I was a little rusty on the dating thing too--and forgot about the boutineer until Friday night when Emie's friend Kessa's mom reminded me!  Thank goodness Emie had already ordered one!  It turned out that they had fun on their date, and they all looked beautiful (and handsome), and I teared up a little when I saw my baby on her way out the door looking all grown up--when did that happen?  It's true when they say you can't blink...look what happens when you do! 

Here are some of the best pics (also thanks to Taylor, who was our photographer too!)...

Love you Em!  You're beautiful, inside & out!  :)

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