Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweet 16...

It has been a whirlwind few weeks around here, and I am still trying to recover from it!  October seems to just fly by every year, and I think the only month that is more hectic for us is December, although January, February, March, and well...every month seems to fly by now that I think about it!  There's something about time moving faster you get older, as kids get older.  Sometimes, if you blink, you might miss something!  As I was laying on the couch with my Jack, he was dozing off to sleep, and so was I.  I laid him in bed, and almost went there myself.  Then I looked around.  Oh my!  My house was still in a shambles, kitchen dirty, laundry still needs folded, candy wrappers from last night's candy melee at our house were everywhere--(meaning that might have been the only thing Jack ate--ALL DAY).  I caught a second wind, and cleaned it all up, feeling better about leaving my house nicer for the morning rush (where it is soon to look the same as it did before...but what can you do?).  Then I thought of this blog.  Surely, I can find the third wind that I need, to stay up, edit some pictures, and finally post about my beautiful Emie's Sweet 16!  After all, it was an AWESOME week, with a few surprises, and a great party, and a few memorable moments that need to be documented.  (Just a warning here--some of these memorable moments WILL make you blush--but be brave!)

First, I want to mention the fact that Todd bought trick candles for Josh's birthday cake--knowing that Emie would use them 5 days later was definitely the plan.  You see, Emie is 16 and never been kissed, (yes, we bribed her with cold hard $$--parents of the year, but c'mon!), and Todd KNEW what that girl would be wishing for for sure!  In fact, in Todd's family prayer the night before the big day, he even mentioned this fact when he said, "And bless Emie, as she turns 16, that she will realize that kissing boys isn't all that great, and that they will all be stinky, and have disgusting breath."  Yeah, he's feeling the stress of knowing that some hormone crazed teenager will want to give this gorgeous girl a kiss--I mean, who wouldn't want to kiss this face?

Then, Emie's "special friend" (at least that used to be the code word for boyfriend when I was growing up), showed up at the house the weekend before her birthday with a whole slew of goodies for her.  It always makes me happy when they hang out over here--never a moment alone, without crazy kids climbing all over them.  Darn!  Here we go...

He also gave her this NOTE--which she was kind enough to let me read!  (The others I just happen upon when I clean her room, or do her laundry, It's not my fault they fall out of her jeans, or her drawers, or from under her mattress!)  Too funny!  At least he has a sense of humor!
Todd just said, "Why isn't the gun pointed at him? Hello?"  My dad said, " I guess you should tell your boyfriend that all those stories your mom tells, about how her boyfriends were afraid of me, are all TRUE."  Yeah, poor guy!

The big day, FINALLY!  Todd woke us all up bright and early at 5:30 a.m. to get up before Emie--which didn't really work, since she was already up, showered, and had her makeup and hair done by that time?  What? Who's kid is she?  Yeah, I went back to bed after that, only waking up a few times to yell at the kids to be quiet until it was time for them to go to school!  Mother of the year, I know.

That night, Emie's girlfriends had a big surprise planned for her, and a few of them told me to get the camera ready, there were going to be people ringing the doorbell any minute.  I thought, oh, how cute!  they're doing a singing telegram!  Little did I know, when we opened the door--THIS is what I would see:

OH. MY. GOSH.  Talk about PG-13!  High school Chippendale dancers with a ukelele singing Happy Birthday!My poor sweet little Ashlie was right up front for that performance!  Ewww... I couldn't even take pictures without feeling like a complete pervert--so I handed the camera over to one of her friends to take them and went into the kitchen.  Emie was not thrilled to pose with them, but they talked her into it--doesn't she look surprised!  Not all surprises are great ones...but memorable--that's for sure!  Haha!

The next night, we had a HUGE surprise for Emie!  Todd was supposed to take her on her first date--but low and behold, she was upstaged by a furry antlered friend, called a Whitetail deer that was calling Todd's name in the wilderness--and he couldn't make it!  Next best thing?  A date with mom--and our neighbor's mom and daughter!  We told them we were going on a GNO--to dinner and a movie, and then drove out to Glendale and surprised them with tickets to TAYLOR SWIFT!  We had such a fun night, and my neighbor managed to get such GREAT seats on the 28th row on the floor!  Emie wasn't much for a reaction, though.  While Tonya's daughter was screaming and jumping out of her seat--Emie said, "Wow, these things get over LATE!  We're not gonna be home forever!"  Yep, that's my Em.  Not much for jumping up and down and screaming--but hey--we can't all be good at surprise reactions!  I think she loved the concert anyway, and we had a great time!  Okay, boys, you have your work cut out for you trying to top THAT!  Here are some pics:

The next weekend, we had Emie's party, combined with her friend McKessa, who also turned 16 the same week!  They invited about 25 kids over, and I planned an Amazing Race Party, with 4 teams, parent drivers, and they raced around to different locations and businesses in our neighborhood trying to beat the other teams.  I'm still not sure how we managed it (since I was the one who made up all the clues), but our team came in LAST place!  The kids were hilarious, and I think the race was a hit, except for the Fear Factor twist that I put in at the local Sushi place that we love, where each of them had to eat a piece of a sushi roll (california roll, as basic as you get).  But I forgot to pass out the water before the race--so many of them had the taste in their mouth awhile, and a few of them actually gagged on it and almost threw up!  Oops!  Other than that it all worked out great!  We came back to the house, passed out prizes, fed them dinner, and watched a movie on a HUGE screen that Todd jerry rigged the night before with our tether ball pole, a ladder, and a painters canvas.  We also have a fire pit, which was fun for the kids to sit around and talk.  Then, I'm inside talking to some of the other parents, and I notice that Todd was no where to be found.  After looking everywhere in the house, I find him outside, sitting in his camp chair, right behind the teenagers, watching the movie.  I'm like, "Hey, should come inside & leave these kids alone.  He's like, "Why?  It's a good movie".  "Yeah, because they don't have any fun with a parent hovering over them the whole party."  He says, "Well, good!  That's the point!"  Now you see what Emie is dealing with--oh my!  We actually did convince him to come inside, and limited him to the occasional "hand check".  We also have the wonderful advantage of a surveillance system that was set up in this house that monitors every square inch of the outside!  Yep, the front porch too--so we don't even have to try to sneak & watch through the blinds!  Watch out honey--someone is ALWAYS watching you!  (Heavenly Father I mean, gosh, I'm not that nosey!  Well...maybe).  Here are a few pictures of our team--I need to round up some from the other teams!  Such a GREAT group of kids!  Love them! 

To top it off, this week, Emie went to take her driving road test and PASSED!  She is legal now!  I don't know who's more excited about that--me or her!  I have been waiting for YEARS for someone who can run to the store for milk, or pick the kids up from school!  HOORAY!  No dad, I am not going to expect her to do all the driving--I promise.  Just a little!  ;)

Happy Birthday sweetheart & CONGRATS!  WE LOVE YOU!!!

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