Thursday, October 27, 2011

Now THIS is sleepy!

The other night, I was up cleaning late at night--and guess who was up with me?  My little night owl, Jack.  He has such bad habits.  It's like I've just thrown all of the basic rules of parenting out the window, and given up on this 6th child.  He talks back, he is a bully, he sleeps with me--EVERY NIGHT, he stays up late, he wakes up late, he gets his way WAY too much of the time, he is completely spoiled and we all know it!  But I sure love this boy--and I love this age--and I am sure going to miss having these adorable toddler antics around my house all the time.  I keep saying, "Who's going to be cute around here when you all are grown up?"  I feel like I need to just soak his cuteness all in, bottle it up, and remember, since I know all too well how fast it will be gone.  I remember bits and pieces of all of my children's baby/toddler years, but that's just it.  Just bits and pieces.  It makes me sad that I may have been in a real hurry to grow these kids up fast & get them out of the house.  Before we know it, it will be just me and Todd, and what then?  Oh my, it's been so long since it has been just me and Todd.  Actually, that part of it sounds quite lovely! 

Here is my sweet boy, while I was on my cleaning kick.  I actually had the vaccum on, and had moved the bean bag up onto the couch so I could vaccum around it.  Then I proceeded to get out the ShopVac, which was the "quiet" version--but it is SO not quiet.  Gosh, I miss my central vaccum.  Poor little guy zonked right out with his hands over his ears, and you know what?  I just left him up there.  He joined me in my bed a few hours later, he always finds his way to our room before morning, but if there's one rule that hasn't changed in all my years of parenting, it is this one:  "Let a sleeping baby lie!"  Amen.

P.S.  The wallpaper came with the house--isn't it just AWESOME!  ;)  What can I say--renters cannot be choosers.

1 comment:

Ed said...

Call me crazy but I actually like the wall paper! And wallpaper is very "in" right now you know. I just don't dare do it to my own house.
Lunch soon. This must happen!

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