Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happily Ever After...

I still remember the day I said "YES" to my sweet husband 18 years ago today.  As I looked into his eyes, and saw him grinning at me, I couldn't think of any other ending for us except for Happily Ever After.  Everything about that day was perfect.  Everything about HIM was perfect.  Everything about LIFE was perfect.  Surely, things would always be this wonderful, right?  I saw this saying the other day, and had to chuckle:  "They lived Happily Ever After--and then they had to go to WORK!"  Isn't that the truth!?  Do you notice how fairy tales always end with the fairytale wedding, and we just assume they lived Happily Ever After?  That's because after the fairy tale wedding, the Prince and Princess had to go to work--and it usually looks something like this:
Haha!  I busted up laughing when I saw this pic for the first time!  Isn't this so much more real than the fairytale wedding!?  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage!  You notice they don't mention what comes next?  That's because what comes next is WORK, (and sometimes mental anguish) and a lot of it!  Like it or not, babies, and kids, and teenagers, and just life, sometimes put quite a dent in my Happily Ever After--how about you? Don't you just love the look on Snow White's face?  I can totally tell you what she's thinking: 
"Are you freaking kidding me?  I've been taking care of these stinkin' kids all day, and he comes home and puts his feet up and watches TV without even asking how he can help me?" 
But, for the sake of fairness, I can also tell what poor Prince Charming is thinking as well: 
"For crying out loud, I have been at work ALL day trying to make a living so she can have this nice house, and that nice carriage, and those beautiful dresses she whines about, can't she at least keep these flippin' kids quiet for a few minutes so I can relax and watch TV?" 
The sad thing is that BOTH of them are actually on the same page in a way, because both of them deep down (in places we don't like to visit--because the thoughts we find there are scary) are thinking,
"Gosh, life was so easy before we had these dang kids! We used to actually enjoy each other's company, talk, go on dates, and make out, and yada yada yada..."  You get my drift. 
Yes, Happily Ever After isn't as easy as it might seem, especially when you add a family to the mix, but after 18 happy years, with a wonderful husband, I can tell you, it's not only possible, but it's phenomenal!  You might not know this--(shh...don't tell), but I am not the easiest person in the world to live with for 18 years!  If you don't believe me, ask my parents--they had to do just that!  And they had it easy--for 2 or 3 of those years, I didn't talk much (but I'm sure I pooped a lot, so I'm not sure which is worse)!  Todd has been there when I have been at my best--on our wedding day, the birth of our children, vacations, and anniversaries.  And he has been there when I have been at my worst--which would explain how we are still together after the year we had last year! (And trust me, he deserves more than a measly mention on my blog for sticking it out when the going got rough--he deserves a gold medal!)  Yep, through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly (mornings are ugly here every day people), my sweet husband has stuck it out!  So I guess what I'm trying to say is: 
Todd, thank you.  Thank you for loving me and never giving up on me.  Thank you for being my best friend.  Thank you for supporting me, even when I'm a little crazy (or a lot crazy).  Thank you for sharing this life with me, and for making me so happy for all of these years!  Thank you for the man that you are, and thank you for letting me be a part of your life.  I am so grateful for the story we are creating, and for the chapters yet to come!  You know what the best part is?  We already know the ending...
Love you sweetheart, forever.
Love, Tami

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Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

A sweet - and realistic! - post! Happy anniversary to you & your hubby! Wishing you many more. :)

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