Monday, November 14, 2011

About Starting Over...

I read a quote that one of my friends posted on Facebook the other day, and I loved it: 
"Maybe it's not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it's about starting over and creating something better." 
As a family, we are on our way to doing just that--and it's about time! I finally have news to report on the new funeral home that Todd is working for!  It's called Legacy Funeral Home, in Chandler, (only 15 minutes from Gilbert or Mesa) on Arizona Avenue and Knox roads.  Knox is between Warner and Ray Road. It is a gorgeous facility, where I think people will feel welcome, and comforted and loved.  And I am happy to say they will be well taken care of by my sweet husband, who is amazing at his job, and his brother David, who is so much like him.  They are awesome at what they do, even as hard as it is to do that job day in and day out.

After being away from the funeral business now for 3 years, I can honestly say that I have been very apprehensive about the process of starting over.  While I am happy and grateful to get Todd back to work, despite the ongoing lawsuit against the people who bought our Mesa and Peoria funeral homes, I can also say that the thought of starting over terrifies me.  The funeral business is a 24/7 business.  The closest I have come to describing the life of a funeral director, is the life of an OB/GYN, or a baby doctor.  Just as you can never plan out when a baby is going to come into this world, you also do not get to plan when you leave it.  Death comes at the most inconvenient of times, including a few times while I was actually in the process of giving birth over the years, believe it or not (thank goodness those times, he found someone to help him).  It comes during the sacrament (many times) at church.  It comes during sporting events, date nights, movies, vacations, and dinner, and so many times it comes just when you were getting into that good REM sleep. Yes, life with a funeral director is an unpredictable, roller coaster ride type of life that we are diving back into head first!  What we have learned, though, from being unemployed for 3 years, is to be grateful for a job--any job.  We have also learned, that although the job of a funeral director is not the funnest job in the world, indeed it is a mentally and emotionally demanding job--Todd is meant for that job.  His personality, his demeanor, the way he cares for each individual, the way he understands their feelings, and can console them--he is great at it.  Yes, he is a natural at what he does, and he takes care of each family like they were his own. 

I know as we get back into the swing of things life with my funeral director husband will get back to normal (as normal as it can be anyway), and I am just so grateful for him to be getting back to doing something that he knows, that he is great at, and that he loves.  He has been of service to thousands of families over the years(can you believe it?) in their time of need, and will no doubt serve thousands more, since we have learned our lesson about selling a business (just don't sell to a couple of dirtbags like we did) and we are in this one to stay.  I am grateful that Todd lives his life, and conducts business with integrity and honor, and that families can know that he will be honest with them.  Most of all, I know because he gives so much of himself, that all of those families will be blessed, and our family will be blessed in return for his countless hours of service to them in their darkest hour.  And what better time for this beautiful thing to be happening, than the time of year when we are most thankful?  Yes, it will be perfect, and in time I will look back and realize that we weren't really starting over...we were just creating something BETTER! 

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Theresa said...

I hope this works out well and that your family gets a good new start and your stress is soon over.

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