Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Training HARD!!...

A few months ago, Todd's brother--Dr. Greg, announced to the family that he was putting on a race--a half marathon to benefit skin cancer, here in Mesa. It's called Run From the Sun AZ--the website is HERE, and it's on November 14. Those of you who know me, know that I HATE excercise. Todd is the same way, we both have tried every other way to lose weight without having to do the dreaded workout! I have blogged about it so many times...HERE is a good one called "I HATE Excercise!" Anyway, all of our family has sort of been roped into doing this race to support Dr. Greg--(and so we don't get stuck babysitting while the others run the race... ha ha). Todd and I have been "training" for a few months now--and I am proud to say that we have worked up to running 10 miles! While I am proud of this accomplishment, I'm still going to tell you that running is my very LEAST favorite thing to do--STILL. I think it's sweaty, and boring, and tiring, and all together just UGH. Not only that, but I think we are the only people on earth that could log 20 or more miles per week for the last month, and still GAIN weight. People will say "Oh, that's just muscle you're gaining", to make me feel better--but if you read my sugar post you will know that what's bouncing around on my body while we jog 10 miles is NOT muscle! It is fat, fat, and more fat. Todd's brother David has been coming over to jog with us--and I think I've nailed the reason that none of us are losing weight in this adventure... I caught him stretching the other night before our run. Check this out:
Ummm...what is that in his mouth? Could it be? Look a little closer:
Yep...Little Caesar's Pizza!
Not only that, but someone had brought chocolate chip cookies to my girls as well, so he downed a few of those too! Yeah, about mile 1 he was burping those up like crazy! And by mile 4 he might have burned off a cookie or two of his little pre-run snack! You can see that we are doing some SERIOUS TRAINING over here!! I am trying to do better. I waited to eat my cookies until AFTER the run! And they were mmmmm mmmm GOOD!


Heather said...

Caught red handed!!!! That's FUNNY! I was up to 7 miles and couldn't figure out why i wasn't losing weight either! I"m with you on the sugar thing. I just couldn't compete with your descriptions on everything you like to eat! I'm right there with you! Oh Man, I wish I wasn't!


Yvette said...

I'm right there with you two on the sugar thing. I cant leave it alone. Right now I'm cursing the big bag of hershey kisses that I cant stop eating. But still good job on the running thing. People dont realize how hard running a 1/2 marathon is.

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