Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The BOY made it to 7!

Josh turned 7 last week at the cabin--(do you like the 4 candle? That's all we had on hand...) and what did he want for his birthday?? To go HUNTING! Todd took him out with Emie and the guys, and he was in pure heaven! He is SO not like me--this post was my thoughts on hunting--click HERE or HERE. This kid is ALL boy, probably why I have NO idea what to do with him these days! I'm sorry, but to all of you who say boys are easier than girls--I think you're all crazy! Josh never slows down, he's always busy, pretty much always in some sort of trouble (still...), and he never knows when enough is enough! Sometimes I think he's lucky to make it to see another day in our house, because if I don't kill him first, his sisters might beat me to it! I do enjoy the challenge though, and love the fact that at least it's craziness with him without all the DRAMA and tears that come from the girls these days! We love you to death Joshua, and want you to know how happy we are to have such a great BOY in our family--craziness and all!
7 things we LOVE about Josh:
1. He HATES to be called Joshua--even though I do it all the time. I think I'm the only one left clinging to his full name.
2. He always has something smart to say--(sometimes to his detriment)--but usually hilarious. I think all of our children have the special "gift" of sarcasm, and Josh has perfected it at an early age!
3. Josh is a good friend. He loves to hang out with his buddies, and hates to be stuck at home with his sisters!
4. Josh has the best smile! It's a little crooked, and mischievious, and his left eye squints in the cutest way when he smiles. Even in the stage when he had no teeth his smile was adorable!
5. This boy is FAST! I have had conversations with the Lord (no, really I have), "if you're gonna make him small, Lord--please make him fast!" He is one of only 2 boys in our family--and he WILL play football or it might break his father's heart! I'm so glad he's fast so he can outrun those who would KILL him on the field! I will keep praying for that one as he gets older! It did NOT help him in wrestling camp however...I guess I need to pray for strength as well!
6. Josh is smart--he started reading in preschool (thanks Mrs. Carrie), and he loves to learn. He really pays attention well at school, and gets good if only I could carry that over to HOME!
7. Josh is so much like his DAD! He loves to tease his sisters, and bug them to death. He reminds me so much of Todd and his teasing ways. I love that he wants to be like him!
Happy birthday Josh! We love you!

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Tawni said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
He is such a cute boy! I don't really know the difference yet, but I am use to the boy craziness and always into trouble!
But Saige is 2 and starting the drama, so we will see which I think is easier....

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